How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers In 2023

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How to make money on Instagram without followers? Instagram is a money-making opportunity for many creators, even if you are not a celebrity. Incredibly popular Instagram profiles may earn a minimum of $1,000 for every post.

Read now to not miss out on one of your life opportunities to increase your monthly income on Instagram.

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers 

Heads-up: Don’t try to fool yourself that a zero-follower account can bring you any cash! Rather, our sharing is meant for Instagramers with insufficient fan base (below 1,000 followers) and not living up to the so-called influencers yet.

After all, you need buyers for whatever you sell, right?

Take Advantage Of Your IP (Intellectual Property)

Do you have any special skills in a particular field? What area are you an expert in and confident to share? Regardless, you can always get paid by sharing your knowledge with others.

You can write, design an ebook, then sell them. Or you can create an online course, put the direct link in your Instagram bio, and share it on your posts. When people feel interested, they are happy to purchase your intellectual property.

Become An Ambassador For Small Or Local Businesses

In fact, we are more willing to buy from friends or family recommendations than celebrities or TV stars – these are people you know everything on the Internet but may be nothing in real life.

That is why small Instagram accounts with loyal followers from regular people are being hunted by local brands to prove their authenticity.

Normally, the mechanism works like this: Brand ambassadors receive a free product from the brand, and in exchange, they just need to create a post and mention the product. However, there are cases in which Instagramers get paid for any posts about the brand.

When you are an expert in some field, people will always find you and ask you to advertise their brand. If you have a steady amount of loyal followers (even below 1000 followers), you can post, tag the brand, and actively contact the brand to see whether you are material for a brand ambassador.

Pitching you into the position will give you an upper hand in finding the niche you want to pursue and ensuring the brand you promote fits your followers’ tastes.

Sell Your Photos

Sell Your Photos on instagram

That’s right. You can sell your images on Instagram. Don’t forget Instagram is a picture and video-sharing platform. You can get paid if your pics get viral or are the apple of the seller’s eye.

Some companies allow contributions of high-quality photos. After that, they make those images available for sale to others. When there is a buyer, you earn your money. It’s a great way to profit from the photos you already upload to Instagram.

If you are a photographer or have excellent photo editing from pictures you take on phones, there is even a wider open door for you to sell Instagram images.

Promoting Your Own eCommerce Products

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

Have you owned an eCommerce store?

If yes, why not promote them on Instagram? You can take more Instagram-worthy pictures or videos to advertise your products and increase the fans for all your product lines.

Instagram even introduces people who have not yet followed your useful post, so why not do it right away?

The platform is undoubtedly a great land to broadcast your brand awareness and bring them closer to your customers. On top of that, it is the way you can interface and understand more about your clients.

It is recommended to post a product with a showcase of how to use it. A video has people or voices that can get more responses to only pictures or videos with no music.

However, diversifying your content on Instagram will give you more chances to know exactly what is the best form of content that supports your brand expansion.

You should have a good camera and a good editor team. It is a prerequisite to create viral content on Instagram. The Internet is quick. People will not stay long or look back if a low-quality post without any spark appears.

When promoting e-commerce products throughout Instagram, you should pin your promotion program (link) on your Instagram bio and Instagram stories to catch the follower’s attention.

When you have a flash sale or a huge sale day like Black Friday, you should do all content forms on Instagram at once. Locations, polls, stories, normal posts, countdowns, videos, etc., everything in different forms to pronounce your program.

It ensures your followers will not miss out on the program you have worked hard to prepare.

You may not get all sales from Instagram directly. It is a long shot at first. That said, being on Instagram will connect you more with your audiences. From that, revenue will come in the near future.

Do Affiliates

Let’s say you have any preferable products; affiliate programs may interest you. Here is how an affiliate works.

You choose the product you love, join the affiliate program, and you can use your tracking code. After that, when you post any promoted post about this product, you attach a link in the post (or in bio, wherever you feel it works) so that your followers can access and buy if they feel it suits them.

Any successful orders from the link you set will bring you a commission from the brand. The profit margin can range from 5% to 70% on the product’s retail price. Isn’t it tempting?

Besides joining an affiliate network, you can contact the company with the product you want to sell. Either way, as long as it is the product your target customer wants, it is a big opportunity to increase your income.

Selling Your Own Products 

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

You don’t need an eCommerce store to sell your own product. Just Instagram is enough. Do you have any products you can produce and customize, like bracelets? If you tick the box, then please start with Instagram.

You must create content, take pictures, and promote your products, all the normal selling product steps. Then, you can add hashtags to make it easier to be found out by search engines. People can find you with other suppliers, and you get visitors as long as you stand out.

Tagging a product on Instagram also gives you the right to add info and price about the product. In addition, you should attach a link to lead users to where to get it. That is the magic of Instagram.

Lastly, you have to switch your Instagram account to a business account if you want to experience all the above features. It is just a few steps that anyone can follow easily.


Dropshipping is the next method to monetize on Instagram – a famous way to sell a product without worrying about having any tangible inventory.

You can customize or create your own product and partner with a business responsible for producing and delivering to clients who order. It saves expenses on entrepreneurial operations.

Dropshipping with the assistance of Instagram will be a big advantage when you are a new startup. You can start even if your capital is not huge. Some worth-trying dropshipping products you may feel easy to start with are: Customized T-shirts, customized notebooks, etc.

Offer A Service

Offer A Service Instagram

Have you heard of Tarot? Tarot reading is super common on the Internet. It is one of the services that people can sell online when they have an Instagram account.

Similarly, think about a service you can profit from by providing a solution to your target clients. Consulting, coaching, or even listening is also considered a service that you can earn money on Meta’s Instagram.

Become A Micro-Influencer

You can still be a micro-influencer when you haven’t had enough followers to be a powerful influencer like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gradually, micro-influencers get more bookings as they only work on their niche, not all the brands. As a result, followers trust them more. If you want to follow this route, you can contact & reach out to brands in your niche by yourself or join a booking network to make you more expanded and approachable.

 Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a fairly popular method for individual influencers to generate revenue.

The brand pays you to produce advertising content which can be stories or normal posts. If you are an expert in the field, your opinion and choices can widely affect your followers.

This is why every post you upload can get more interactions and be accepted. So, the brand you work with and your followers must be matched.

If your Instagram followers are 15-30, but your post is about how to promote health for people over 50 from a milk brand, it may not be as effective as you expect.

All in all, you must serve the tasty post for the right hungry people.

That is all the common way to make money on Instagram without many followers. If you want to know more about tips on each method, you should check out these secrets of how to make money on Instagram.

You Can Also Try Buying An Instagram Account And Flip It!

Flipping property is a term in the real estate field where people buy, fix, improve, and resell it to get a yield.

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

The theory is also applied to Instagram doing money tricks when you don’t have an eligible account to get your own privileges of making more money, like the 10,000 followers milestone. This is the shortcut to earn income on Instagram if your accounts don’t have many followers.

On Meta’s Instagram, you can search for old accounts which are about to be deactivated, then make them fresh again, and when the time comes, you can trade and get some profit. Here are detailed processes to do it.

Find An Inactive Account With A Lot Of Followers 

Ideal Idle Instagram Accounts Characteristics

The ideal idle Instagram accounts must reach all these page behavior characteristics below:

  • Inactive accounts
  • Have an older post that was updated about 1 year or at least 1 month ago

How To Find Ideal Idle Instagram Accounts

  • Take a look at some suggested accounts
  • Check inactive accounts

A potential seller will be the one who has taken care of their account for at least one month or more. They don’t have time, or they move their eyes to other things.

That is a good chance you can step in and seal the deal. You will need to prepare at least 10 to 20 accounts like that before going further!

Contact The Owners

After thorough research and filtering out your list, the next step is to connect and contact your prospects. You don’t need to push around the bush. Let’s talk directly about your intention to buy and the price you offer.

In this field, the base rate is $10 for 1000 followers. However, you can start at $7 and climb up a bit. It will be an easier number to deal with. We all know the first number in the offer is just a hello, right?

In this stage, you will need the patience to reach your target price. Don’t be too aflutter, just be a bit of a dreamer and reality-er. It is a challenging process before you guys are on the same page.

Let’s talk to each client one by one. Don’t take them all in one day.

Buy It 

Before officially confirming the transaction, you need to make sure the person you are doing a transaction with is accountable. You can reap the benefits without a hitch only if you don’t lose money for careless verification of the seller account.

Make sure you talk to them via message – a personal account, phone, or email. The best scenario is to know them in person (if you can). A real personal account needs to have photos and interactions with friends. If it has the blue check, it is more credible.

Still, every deal has its own risk. That is what business is all about. You need to be prepared for the biggest loss in any scenario and use your sense of business acumen all the time.

After getting the consensus on the payment terms, you must choose a trusted online payment. Regarding this issue, Paypal seems to be the most convenient and reliable one. You can contact your bank and protect yourself from scammers if there are any problems.

Revive The Account With Engagement 

Now, it is time to breathe life into your bought potential account again. All you need to do is increase the engagement metrics. Don’t stop at the stage of 10,000 followers. You need more.

Start with regular content where you attract the old followers again. Then you maintain it and add other content forms like videos, interactive pics, polls, etc., to interact more with your clients.

It is Instagram, so investing in quality pictures and videos is a must. Besides a good camera, editing apps are also needed to make your post look more glamorous to click in.

In addition, don’t forget to schedule your post to notify Instagram that you are active again. The consistent time of posting and variety of posts will support post distribution better.

4-5 posts a week is the recommended frequency to publish. When the account gets more engagements, you can start to make money.

Resell The Account For A Profit

Now, it is time for money to come into your pocket. You can choose an Instagram group to sell or just post directly on your Story so that people will spread the word about it.

Again, it is like buying an Instagram account. You should get to the point directly about your desire. After sharing your account engagement rate, wait for the appealing price.

$10 to $15 are the average numbers people can make from every 1000 followers. Still, based on your field, negotiation skills, and sometimes your luck, you can make more. Take the figures as the reference one and reach your desired number.

Besides buying an old and potential one, if you have a low budget in investing, here are some must-to-know tricks to get more followers on Instagram that you must know first hand.


That is everything about how to make money on Instagram without followers. Instagram is a source of income; whoever you are, you can increase your monthly revenue with it. Even if you don’t have a lot of money or followers, you can still make ends meet when you invest your time and use some strategies we mentioned.

Keep abreast and stay tuned for our amazing tips on Instagram secrets in the upcoming articles!

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