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There is no wonder its popularity allows Instagram to grow into a wonderful source of income for content creators. Do you want to know more secrets and tips on how to make money on Instagram?

It’s time to get the ball rolling for more of our verdicts and analyses! Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned Instagamer, we have something to surprise you.

How to Make Money on Instagram – 8 Effective Methods

Join Hands With Brands to Create Sponsored Content

We have heard the phrase “Instagram influencers” quite often in recent years. What exactly are they? Influencers are basically anyone with a degree of online reputation on social media. Audiences regard them as trusted experts, trendsetters, and tastemakers whose opinions on certain fields should be treated with the utmost respect!

Many brands (especially average or smaller ones) cannot compete with influencers’ popularity, which is why they seek to cooperate with these public figures to generate sponsored content for product advertisements. Cases in point include Stories, Reels, and regular posts.

Remember that your Instagram reach and follower count are not the only things brands want. What they value most is how your audience engages and trusts you to produce high-quality, top-notch content!

Sometimes, balancing your creative integrity and influencer revenue might be challenging. Still, unless your entire income relies on Instagram marketing, do not forget that you are ALWAYS free to choose which brands to work with. Similarly, brands will also be selective regarding their partnered Instagrammers!

Note: How Should Instagrammers/Influencers Decide The Charges?

The deals usually involve content creation – Stories, videos, posts, or Instagram ads. Sometimes, they also include your permission to let the brands use such content for their own ad or website.

Most deals like these are negotiable, concerning either one single post or a whole campaign. In exchange, Instagrammers might receive a gift, service, free product, some fees, or exposure opportunities. (For big Instagrammers, it’s usually a mixture of all those things!).

Whenever participating in a negotiation, remember that you are offering the brands not just user rights and regular content – but also open access to all your fans on the arguably most widely-used media platform! Understand what you are worth to propose the most suitable price.

For instance, an average Instagrammer (up to 100,000 followers) can demand up to $500 a post. This estimation should give you clear ideas of how much a brand is willing to bring to the table and how to use all your cards to your best advantage!

Lastly, do not forget your audience’s characteristics and interactions with your posts. What makes up their demographic, and what is the current engagement rate on your account? (divide the total engagement by your follower numbers). Digging up these numbers in the account’s analytics report can help you prepare better for business negotiations!

Become Affiliates

Unlike an Instagram influencer, affiliates are more invested in generating sales for their partnered brands (rather than only raising awareness) to receive a commission in exchange.

Such feats are usually achieved via unique promo codes or trackable links to ensure every click can translate into a sale. We suggest you use multiple clickable links in the Instagram bio and stories or via stickers. Since putting links in an Instagram post is impossible, you can create promo codes instead to make income from varied angles.

Consider contacting one or several online merchants that offer affiliate programs. You may also explore some huge potential marketplaces such as:

  • Clickbank. A platform with tier-based commission open to everybody.
  • LTK. A network of invitation-only lifestyle and fashion influencers willing to pay you 20% of each commission.
  • Amazon Associates. A very popular option paying about 10% per commission.

Though everything sounds like a mere numbers game, affiliating advertisements is also a type of art one must learn to master. Your success rate will increase if you create proper plans to boost your fame and online presence that incorporates multiple marketing channels and websites!

Extra tip: An affiliate link can be ugly and super long. We recommend you use URL shorteners (ex: Bitly), particularly for links that go into your Instagram bio.

Open An Ecommerce Store

instagram shopping

The last two methods we introduce may sound like Instagrammers have no choice but to work with brands and sell out their souls for them to make revenues.

But that’s not the truth! Creators of every type are more than capable of “selling out” via their own offerings: services, digital items, or physical goods to extend their brands, building businesses that view the audience as their centers.

Back then, Instagrammers must spend some preparation time to invest upfront. But fortunately, in today’s society, making leaps to entrepreneurship is almost a natural move for most creators. These tasks are getting even easier with numerous updates of Instagram tools to help you develop an audience.

Chris Vaccarino, Fanjoy’s founder, also agrees: “Content creators‘ ability to market and sell their products is natural – since their content mass enables them to plug their products whenever they want.”

By marketing your own products, there’s no need to worry about including other brands’ messages in every post. Rather, it’s easy to increase your own label’s popularity via these advertised items!

Your fans can show their support and love for your work by buying things from your account – a purchase that makes both you and them feel good!

Here are several ways you can apply to profit from your merch:

  • Turn to print-on services to ship and print wall art, coffee mugs, pillows, T-shirts, and more.
  • Sell services (ex: photography). You may also use your bio to consult and direct interested followers to your contact emails or professional website.
  • Launch startups to sell original products. Utilize drop-shipping fulfillment to avoid dealing with returns or holding inventories.

Sell Photos Online

sell photo instagram

Of course, some creators get their overnight fame just by telling a 130-character joke. But do not forget that at the end of the day, Instagram is still a photo-sharing platform, and photographic assets can be printed, sold, and licensed in numerous ways!

So if you initially entered the Instagram game due to photography interests, it’s time to use them for further profits!

We suggest you list your pictures in popular marketplaces like Twenty20 or 500px, where publishers and brands can have them licensed.

On another note, it’s also possible to sell these pictures as prints or embedded on physical products (please refer back to the section about eCommerce stores above).

Services like Teelaunch or Pintful allow you to put your pics on pillows, phone cases, posters, et cetera, handling customers and fulfilling orders for you. All that is left for you to do is make sales!

Daniel Arnold is one of the latest success examples. As revealed in his Forbes interview, the man went from three meals of toast per day to a salary of $15,000 in only the first 24 hours by selling his viral-but-controversial pictures.

And things will be even easier than that for Instagrammers who already have huge demands! Just take the ball and give the followers a chance to purchase your photography.

Monetize Content via Ad-Filled Videos or Live Badges

Monetize Content via Instagram Videos-min


Ad-Filled Videos

Another popular way to make income for Instagram entrepreneurs is to employ in-stream video advertisements. In short, brands have the opportunity to promote their services within the clips produced by you!

How much Instagrammers can earn depends on how many views their video racks (or their “Monetizable Plays,” as per Instagram). You can get about 55% of the ad revenue from every video view, which will go into your bank accounts monthly.

Switch on the In-stream Advertisement function and start profiting in these three simple steps:

  1. Navigate to “Account Settings.” Hit Creator > In-Stream Ads.
  2. Press “Get Started.” Read through and click Agree to its conditions and terms.
  3. Now toggle “Allowing Monetization” to your current Instagram videos.
  4. Press “Continue” and seal the deal.

To earn a fortune via In-stream ads, you must produce original content and have full rights to all the songs/soundtracks used in those clips. Also, the video must not be less than two minutes. Text montages, slideshows, looping videos, polls, and images do not count.

Live Badges

Compared to in-stream ads, these badges are relatively new, a concept inspired by TikTok and Twitch. In simpler terms, you can understand them as money tips that the followers give you during your live broadcast!

Thanks to this feature, your viewers can buy badges during live streams that are displayed in the comment section. They may also unlock features to seize a position on your badge lists and get their hands on special hearts.

Examples of some available options:

  • $0.99 for one heart
  • $1.99 for two hearts
  • $4.99 for three hearts

 Offer Your Audience Paid Tutorials/MasterClasses

Online Learning

These methods are more or less similar to providing links to vlogs or blogs. But rather than making an indirect income by advertising businesses via Youtube ads or your bios, followers will pay you directly for the tutorials you provide!

Do you have any particular field of expertise? Then we suggest offering Masterclasses that demand paid tickets.

Such a money-making strategy is pretty popular among fitness influencers, for instance. They can post some free short workouts on their account, then link them to full training routines that followers must pay to unlock.

Meanwhile, professionals in various fields (writing, photography, film-making, et cetera) deliver quick tips on their Instagram and simultaneously host ticketed Masterclass courses.

That way, their content still attracts a general audience (non-paying), while followers serious about their learning needs can pay these Instagrammers to access full lessons!

Giving FREE tutorials/masterclasses – and asking followers to provide you with extra tips if they have the financial capabilities to do so – is also a highly-favored solution. (particularly for people seeking maximum accessibility).

Your content will have no financial barriers that might put off newcomers, and yet still enable you to make some money. What a double kill!

Make Filters and Masks for Instagram Stories

Filters and Masks for Instagram Stories

Let’s turn back to 2016 when Instagram was directly inspired by Snapchat’s short-lived images and invented Instagram Stories. Nobody back then could have foreseen the explosive popularity they received later on! Studies reveal that more than 500 million users create and watch Instagram stories daily.

Why is the Instagram story so popular? Its short lifespan serves as the success key here. As the stories are only accessible within limited periods, they boost people’s engagement much higher – an advantage most businesses and brands need. After all, more engagements equate to more chances to attract target audiences!

While some brands create their own Instagram Stories filters and masks by turning to in-house creatives, others wish to cooperate with talented Instagrammers specializing in designing filters.

And that’s your chance! Spark AR Studios let creative users make AR masks for Instagram Stories, which you can exploit to build a steady income stream. And don’t forget to promote your beautiful works on your Instagram bio and account!

As Instagram Stories show no signs of falling out of trend, there’s no double that filters and masks will keep staying relevant. Making and selling them is among the best ways to both earn money and showcase your incredible creativity!

Write Creative Captions for Brands and Businesses

copywriting instagram

Gone are the days when Instagram marketing was affordable to only huge brands. Businesses of all levels can now use that platform for advertising their services and products.

Studies reveal that 90% of small businesses invest more effort and time in marketing strategies via social media. Big brands often hire experienced in-house staff for content creation, but startups and entrepreneurs prefer freelance talents to cut off the costs.

Hence, they often turn to creative specialists who can write business captions at an economical price. Look quickly through some of the most widely-used online workplaces (ex: Upwork and Freelancer), and you can find thousands of offers!

In order to achieve a full-time position, it’s a must to prove how your application sets you apart from other candidates – and what is the better way to do so other than showing the HRs your impressive marketing writing portfolios?

More engaging and creative options mean more potential customers at your fingertips. And aside from writing eye-grabbing posts for businesses, do not forget to run your own Instagram account creatively. That way, interested employers could see vivid examples of the captions you wrote!

How to Increase Instagram Followers Fast to Make More Money?

As you can see, the common factor among all the eight tips introduced above is the follower count. It’s hard to apply all those tricks to your business if you only have, say, 100 followers or even fewer!

The following section will gladly unveil tried-and-true strategies to increase your fan base and audience.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

Instagram Profile

Before you set foot on the path, the most critical first step is to optimize your account fully.

Think of the Instagram bio as your account’s “homepage.” How can people know that the account is your brand’s property without appropriate profile images, proper usernames, image captions, and informative bios?

Although the tip seems kind of obvious, let us remind you again: Instagram image and bio are the foundation stones for your future brand identity. All the links provided in the Instagram biography will drive more traffic to your professional websites, which means account optimization is absolutely important!

Are you unsure about where and how to link? Then try product or marketing pages connected to specific campaigns, hashtags, or keywords on your Instagram account.

Of course, linking to the homepage is alright. But giving users a more cohesive experience when redirecting from your Instagram bio to the website will be even better!

That’s why IG landing pages have become popular in recent years, which host direct links to the brand’s latest pieces of mentioned content. They also go with “Links in bio” Instagram posts to direct followers to these links.

For those that want to turn their Instagram accounts into business ones:

A good  reminder is to keep your account name search-friendly – meaning you should stick as close as possible to your brand name. And if the business title is longer, try to shorten it into something your fans can recognize.

Avoid adding special characters or numbers to the username, and keep it consistent with other existing social media accounts you have!

Lastly, establish a good marketing strategy for future profits. There are numerous guides (both free and paid) for you to get started.

Find Effective Hashtags

Hashtags instagram

Do you want to find the most practical way to increase your Instagram followers and fan base? Then here’s the magical word: hashtags!

For many years, hashtags have been regarded as part and parcel for online presence and discovery, allowing brands and influencers to boost their social reach. At the end of the day, most marketers rely on a strong community to gain profit, and hashtags offer them exactly that!

First, locate hashtags that you think are not overly populated or too common. One example (to avoid) is the hashtag “love,” which has been included in more than 180 million photos. Highlighting your Instagram content will not be easy among such a vast sea of pictures!

That’s why you should narrow your scope and use hashtags that your fans/target audience will likely check. The relevant connection between those tags and their current needs might prompt them to click “Follow.”

Branded and unique hashtags are even better, which help you group posts revolving around the brand’s campaigns and hyper-relevant projects!

The famous M&M label is a nice illustration of successfully branded hashtags, focusing them on one particular event it is participating in. The hashtag #mmspotlight, for instance, directly targets the audience to where M&M organized their spotlight concert, creating better awareness.

Furthermore, understanding the hashtag’s performance and operation is equally as important as using them. With innovative analytics tools (ex: Sprout Social), you can access usage and performance data, learning what works best for you!

Never step blindly into hashtag realms; you must know what challenges and opportunities are awaiting in order to succeed.

Get The Conversations Rolling

Conversations are the most efficient way to increase people’s awareness of your Instagram.

As per numerous studies from 2020 onwards, users like to interact with visual-prioritizing content, such as pictures (69%) and clips (51%), while only 30% like to dive into text posts.

Doesn’t Instagram – a popular photo-sharing app – fits this demographic perfectly? Pairing an average caption with gorgeous and trendy visuals is much more effective than a perfect caption with bland pictures!

Also, remember that people use social platforms as contact references for most brands and products – whether they are chats and questions, customer support queries, or positive feedback from other users. 90% of consumers buy items after following the brands on social, according to experts!

That is why you should secure people’s loyalty and attention to convert them into dedicated followers. Stay communicative and supportive, and try your best to answer as many comments and questions as possible.

As we already mentioned in some sections above, the more you engage with your fans, the more willing they are to share your wonderful customer service with other acquaintances and close friends. Your follower count will reach insane numbers!

Post Trendy and Popular Topics

Learning what your fans like to see is a smart move – though it might be easier in theory than practice. Still, after some time, you will quickly realize certain content performs much better than the rest. Keep testing, and you can easily discover your demographic’s preferences and demands!

Oftentimes, the differences lie in the smallest details, like posting times, content types, captions, or filters. All of them matter, so keep a close eye on the most recent trends to make sure you are always on the mainstream side of social media.

Most importantly, always stay confident in your strategy and judgements. If you feel nervous and uncertain about how to start, analyzing competitors (or accounts of the same niche) is a great idea!

Of course, directly copying your competitors is a huge NO. Instead, jot down what they usually do or post that draws so much traffic. Such competitive research might sound time-consuming, but trust us when we say your effort will eventually pay off!

To take things to another level, we suggest you invest in Instagram analytics tools, which make it much more convenient to benchmark, inspect, and track Instagram content across different accounts. You may also utilize some Competitor report tools to gain insights into the success formula of other Instagram accounts and brands.

Show Your Instagram Presence Everywhere You Could

People will never be able to find your account – of course, unless you give it proper promotion! Creating awareness and visibility is among the quickest ways to be discovered. Thus, to increase your followers, let others know where they should find you!

Ensure your Instagram account is always listed in your website bios and other media networks. One common method is to add a social media button to your blog and website, promoting social shares throughout all your existing networks and showing people how they could visit your Instagram bio.

One clear example is the Museums of Modern Art, which utilizes cross-promotion across all social media platforms. It’s not difficult to find their Twitter posts that raise awareness about future Instagram campaigns! You can do the same and leverage other networks to introduce your fans to your Instagram.

Still, remember not to just ask them for follows by writing tedious captions like “Here’s our Instagram. Please follow!”.

Instead, try to advertise unique content and give people reasons to hit the “Follow” button of their own will! With various new features like Reels, IGTV, and Stories, you are given golden opportunities to build solid fan bases via creative ideas.

Do Not Turn to Fake Followers

There is a big difference between legitimate and fake followers on Instagram. Sure, we understand that purchasing followers for your account may seem tempting. Nevertheless, remember that the disadvantages and backlash will far outweigh the benefits!

How so? Fake followers will:

  • Deceive your new followers. When users stumble upon an inactive feed with hundreds of thousands of fans, it lowers the account’s validity and credibility. Never trick others into hitting the “Follow” button. For better engagement, build long-lasting trust and relationships!
  • Have zero ROI. Buying followers seems easier than working hard to gain real fans. Nevertheless, remember that these unmanned bots and followers will never engage with your content or buy any product from you. Real followers have values for a good reason: they love what you post and are willing to spend money on you, bringing actual monetary benefits to your brands.
  • Create no buzz. Ten thousand fake fans are unlikely to spread your content and make them viral to the general public. Worse, Instagram might clean and delete them, making your posts look like an engagement graveyard!

The main takeaway: only real people can interact, comment, like, share your posts, and buy your merch and goods. Plus, most users enjoy connecting with like-minded people and having thousands-of-likes comments, which only benefits your online visibility in the long run!

Plus, your catering to the fans’ needs and demands will likely make them stay. Take time to answer their product questions and concerns, prompting them to return to your services and spreading them to their peers! Just one click from a genuine user is 1000 times more valuable than 100,000 inactive followers.

Have Your Content Posted By Brand Partners and Organize Contests

Sure, why not? Doing all the work alone might be exhausting and not yield immediate results. But luckily, with the help of brand advocates and partners (preferably huge ones that already have their footings in the industry), you can increase organic followers startlingly fast!

Ask your partners to mention you and your expertise in their posts as naturally as possible. (Hence the importance of in-advance planning). In short, stay authentic! No one wants to appear too desperate and salesy in front of their audience! Ensure the promotion content matches people’s demands while still reflecting your trademarks well.

Another way is to hold some contests/ competitions using your partners’ products as one of the rewards. Their fan bases and followings will flock to yours, boosting your follower count further!

Ideas for these contents are endless, so there’s no need to be afraid that yours might overlap with others.

But regardless of what you end up with, the rules should include requests for content reuploads or hashtags (ex: contestants must include a hashtag of your brand in their posts). That way, you can get your label/account more known to the public!

Follow A Consistent Calendar For Your Content

The worst disaster you may bring to your own Instagram accounts is posting content at haphazard and random times. If you were lucky enough to have a loyal fanbase right from the start, do not make these people forget why they clicked the “Follow” button!

Hence, keeping regular posting schedules is necessary to combat such dilemmas.

Some Instagrammers do not post too many times per day to prevent spamming, but others reveal that publishing several times a day helps them expand their nets wider.

Some research has also been conducted to conclude the best timing for Instagram posts (varied across nations and industries). Do your research, and feel free to experiment until you find the best solution.

But whatever your preferences, you MUST keep that schedule consistent to build a solid user experience and keep them updated!

Some beginners struggle to remember different publishing times throughout the day. Again, that’s an issue well-covered by many applications and brands. Tools like Loomy, Buffer, et cetera, are wonderful suggestions to organize and arrange your content properly!

Schedule Posts in Advance

Aside from keeping a uniform posting calendar, scheduling posts beforehand is highly recommended. (note: you can kill two birds with one stone by scheduling content at one consistent time!)

Why so? While the Instagram algorithms have been updated and altered to show people more content of their preferences, uploading at good timing can still boost the posts’ visibility and increase their overall engagement.

Scheduling content is the right move to go, and numerous tools like Sprout Social, Tailwind, and Sendible can help you with that with their straightforward and user-friendly layouts. Whether they are Feed posts, Carousels, or Stories, you can plan all in advance!

That way, you and your team can easily observe the campaign’s efficiency and overall performance. And as previously mentioned, you will be astounded by the insane/consistent traffic and engagement that your account can receive!

Even better, some applications (like the ViralPost features in Sprout) even analyze your account’s history to identify the best timing for algorithm posting. Soon, becoming a million-follower Instagrammer will no longer be out of reach for you!

Bring Positive Moods to Your Instagram Followers

If people always see optimistic/positive content on the account, your audience growth will likely surge, hands down. Studies have revealed that happy and positive moods are the most wonderful bridge between you and your customer.

Incorporate our given tips above (scheduling and brainstorming content) to apply them in ways that can put a smile on your followers’ faces!

Examples of great content to upload include funny memes, interesting artwork or photos (with proper credit and permission from the artists), and inspirational content. They can serve as a mental energy boost for your fans during a day of hard work!

Lastly, treat customers as if they are your best friends – and as if this account is your personal Instagram feed. Remember to keep your tone of voice natural.

Do not use words or tone that sounds too robotic (with no personal touch), desperate for engagement, or sales-driven. In simpler terms, just craft your captions in ways you would often do with your friends!

Is that a challenging task for you? Then you can practice by writing captions on your personal accounts first and seeing how your peers react to them. When things go well, edit and post those captions on your business account.

Common Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram

Being Genetic and Boring

Ladies and gentlemen! Look at this caption: “Wow, we are so ready! #gig #party #joinnow”.

If you are a customer, would you click the Heart button? Would you leave any comment under the photo other than “Well, I think the caption is boring”?

Our first lesson is that you should NEVER post anything that you yourself would never like from aesthetical viewpoints. Those things include:

  • Terrible image resolution (check out online tips to update yourself with the right dimensions for photos and pictures)
  • Generic captions that don’t show you or your brand’s unique features
  • Effects and filters that ruin the photo’s center
  • Unnecessary blur

What if you feel unsure about how the post will seem once published? Then turn to post previews first before clicking “Upload.” Some tools (ex: Kontentino) lets users preview both their post view and Instagram feed before the publication goes live. As such, it’s easy to add needed adjustments before things are too late!

Put The Links At Inappropriate Places

Let’s get straight to the point: Instagram only allows you to put links in two places. One is the Instagram bio, and the remaining is your Stories (adding links as stickers is possible).

Otherwise, using links (especially super long ones) within your posts is not a wise move. Not only are they totally unusable (since customers cannot click them; try that yourself if you do not believe us!), but your overall aesthetics will also suffer.

Worse, the hashtags and copy’s readability undergo severe consequences, distracting the audience from your intended message!

In short, use tags and mentions in your posts, but leave product links to Instagram Bio and Stories. 

No Analytics

Without analyzing and tracking important metrics to devise future marketing strategies, there’s no way to assess whether your Instagram account is successful. Data is a survival key to your Instagram presence and proper optimization in all cases.

Fortunately, Instagram Business Profiles incorporated numerous analytical features. Still, keep in mind that some of these functions are only accessible for 28 days, so feel free to seek trustable third-party tools for longer periods!

A detailed investigation into target audience reach, engagement rates, and customers’ reactions to particular content types will improve your sales in no time. We are doing business, after all; there’s no room for guessing games!

No Safety Measures

Thousands of marketing catastrophes stem from a severe lack of safety/security measures, resulting in accounts being hacked, lost, or banned.

One simple method to safeguard your account against hacking attempts is to set up two-factor authentications. That process only takes minutes, requiring no complex transitional stages or steps!

Then, whenever strangers try to break into your Instagram profile from unfamiliar locations/devices, you will receive notifications that ask you to type in special login codes. Unpleasant situations that may damage your brand will be kept at bay!

Inconsistency Between The Branding and The Visuals

The visuals and branding must go well with each other and conforms to a consistent theme.

Suppose your followers are already familiar with the positive message your products bring about (ex: happiness, inspiration,…) before you decide to experiment with a dark-colored and edgy grid style. They might get confused and unfollow your account!

If you really want to implement some modifications, at least do so gradually. Sudden changes overnight could impact audience engagement and profile reach in the future!

Post One Content on Several Platforms

One common misconception among marketers is that duplicating 1:1 content is fine when creating a new channel for their accounts. Of course, in theory, sharing identical content across two channels is possible. But is it worth it?

Instagram and other social media platforms are not identical, which means suitable topics to post on them also differ. It would help if you made clear distinctions between content that works best on Instagram and those that are better off on other platforms.

But that’s not to say that two channels should discuss completely different topics. There are certain subjects that you can mention on all platforms, actually. Just try to analyze them from different perspectives to match particular demographics from each channel.

Also, paying close attention to the optimized hashtags, proper image dimensions, and description is a must. For better customization and social reach, include product tags or tag other people/accounts in your content.

Lack of KPIs

Before clicking “Publish,” stop for one second to ask yourself about the post’s goal.

What is your priority: increasing reach, low costs per click (for paid campaigns), or high investment returns? How will this post build relationships with your followers and prompt them to give feedback? Is it meant for people to buy the product you promote?

Many marketers fail to achieve a full and intensive comprehension of this aspect, and the lack of clear KPIs only prevents them from structuring their strategy better. Please do not follow in their footsteps!


It’s not an exaggeration to claim that it’s among the most popular Instagram mistakes. Do not forget that engaging users is different from spamming them!

Empty statements and buzzwords like:

  • Follow for Follow?
  • Amazing. Click Follow!
  • Nice photo!

Or any similar words that belong to this category are considered spam! They will never generate valuable customers or followers for you – except trolls seeking attention.

Worse, such terrible practices might risk the brand’s reputation, annoying even your current fans (imagine your favorite account/influencer spam like that, and you will understand their feelings!).

Sometimes, a couple of new comments and followers still pop up, but overall, spamming leads to more downsides than upsides to the long-term run of your Instagram profile.

Mistakes and Typos

Leaning how 2B good parents is important (can you see what we are trying to do?).

See, your hard work will go down the drain if the posts contain typos, logical mistakes, and grammatical flaws. Of course, eliminating them 100% might be impossible (since there are so many posts), but we can reduce their likelihood. You can employ some procedures here:

  • Double-check and proofread before posting or going live
  • Use tools and software that check grammar construction for you (ex: Grammarly).
  • Create a brand guide to achieve consistent and constant reference
  • Submit content plans for external and internal approval

Sometimes, one more second of control and caution can save your account from weeks-long dramas. Keep that in mind!

No IG Stories

Instagram stories are designed to improve and extend UX in more interactive and fleeting manners, open and free to everyone!

We are still appalled that so many brands and influencers choose not to use them! Creating a story only takes seconds, thanks to the numerous native features available on this platform. You may also use trending templates to make the stories more brand-focused and eye-catching!

One reason that certain labels still hesitate to use Instagram stories is probably because they do not know what to upload there. In that case, we gladly introduce some creative and practical ideas. On your IG Story, you may:

  • Create guidelines, saving them on the profile’s Highlights
  • Repost Stories people tag you in
  • Create surveys, polls, or quizzes
  • Open live stories
  • Promote/tag your store’s products
  • Share a behind-the-scenes story of your latest post
  • Show a more human side of your brand (the corporate culture or everyday work).

Extra Tips to Find Success With Your Instagram Business

Find The Right Niche

Opening Instagram shops is a great strategy to draw target audiences and sell better than you would on any other social network. Ask yourself which field and aspect is your strong point, and research carefully to see the market’s price ranges and current demands.

Do not treat your business as a distant issue. Immerse yourself in its world as much as possible: breath, sleep, and eat it!

Keep Your Authenticity and Transparency

Who doesn’t love authenticity? Let’s give your fans a chance to glimpse into how you live and work via authentic photos. Create stories and posts that are TRULY yours and share them for the world to see, building and solidifying your personal brands!

Also, when running ads, making reels, or doing Instagram lives, pay attention to transparency. Your communicative efforts should be easy to comprehend and extremely clear to prevent misunderstanding!

People only want to engage with influencers they trust and like. Drawing customers to talk and communicate with you is a crucial element of online business.

Provide Great Customer Service

Making money online means you should not just concentrate on selling goods. Proving proper support to customers is equally important!

Remember that Instagram, at the end of the day, is all about community. It’s necessary to foster a solid customer base, jump into conversations, and motivate your fans to spread the word to other people about your wonderful services.


Our insightful post has revealed incredible tips on how to make money on Instagram. We also discuss methods to boost your follower count – as well as deadly mistakes that every influencer or brand must avoid at all costs.

Keep them in mind, and write to us for more help if needed!

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