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You should know how to hide likes on Instagram to make your followers pay attention to your content instead of how to like your posts. Such a trick can solve one of the most common complaints about social media. These complaints concern how it can drive an obsession with likes under your posts or others’ accounts.

For instance, your followers can quickly observe how many likes are under each post or photo. So, they only care about the number of likes and ignore your main content.

Thus, we will introduce you to common ways to hide Instagram likes without hassle. You may hide likes before and after you publish a post or hide like counts if browsing other Instagram accounts.

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How To Hide Likes On Instagram?

The general guideline should be as follow:

  1. First, access your Instagram profile to choose the three black lines in the screen’s top right corner.
  2. A menu will open with “Settings” at the top.
  3. This allows you to move to new positions. Continue clicking on a search bar at the top and type “Post”.
  4. Click the option when it appears. Lastly, you may activate “Hide likes and show count” – the first selection at the screen’s top.

For more details about each case, continue reading!

Hide Likes On Other Instagram Accounts’ Posts

Interestingly enough, you may hide the number of likes of other Instagram users when you are browsing to keep you focused on their content or comments. Of course, this count is still visible with other users.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right corner.
  2. Navigate to the menu at the screen’s upper right corner and then hit Settings.
  3. In Settings, choose Privacy. In this menu, select Posts.
  4. Swipe the button in the right side of the Hide Like and View Counts option. By doing this, you will no longer see others’ likes when surfing on Instagram.

How To Hide Likes On Instagram


Hide Likes On Your Own Instagram Account’s Posts

So, let us show you how to hide likes on your Instagram posts. Unfortunately, there is no setting to hide all Instagram likes automatically. So, you must do this for each post. However, you may make this change when publishing the post or after it’s published.

Hide Instagram Likes Before Publishing A Post

  1. Create your next Instagram post as usual once you’re in the section where you can add locations, write captions, tag products, and tap “Advanced Settings.” Advanced Settings allows you to generate changes before publishing.
  1. Switch on the button to “Hide like and view count on this post” and check the count for this post to make sure likes for the post are hidden. Also, this hides the view counts for videos posted to the feed. However, this option is unavailable for reels.

Note: Add alt text to Instagram posts if you use a screen reader or have comments disabled.

How To Hide Likes On Instagram

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Hide Likes On Instagram After Publishing A Post

If you’ve already published your posts on Instagram but forgot to hide the number of likes, don’t worry. You may easily turn this function off after sharing your post with your followers. Below is an ultimate guide to hiding likes on your Instagram timeline after sharing your post:

  1. Navigate to the post you have published and choose a menu with the three dots icon to access more preferences and settings.
  2. Next, tap the “Hide Like Count” option to prevent anyone from seeing your post’s many likes. This menu has other options, like retroactively disabling comments and pinning posts to your profile’s top.

How To Unhide Instagram Likes?

It’s necessary to remember that these changes you make to your account can be temporary. If you turn Instagram likes off on your posts or other accounts’ posts, you may change your mind and want to see them.

Follow these simple steps to see the hidden likes on your Instagram. Before posting, access your privacy settings and disable the button close to the “Hide Like and View Counts” option.

For already published posts, continue going to your post; choose the three dots by tapping them, and choose the “Show Like Count” option to see the likes on your post. It is also helpful to know how to see likes on your Instagram posts whether you implement this feature or not.

Lastly, this feature on your Instagram account will fully manage your feeds and posts after you hide something.

Should You Hide Instagram Likes? 

Users want to get various things from their Instagram experience. Some people like to follow popular trends, while others expect to turn off being controlled online. You may easily disable likes for your posts and other Instagram users.

Consistent, hard work earns you likes on Instagram. Still, Instagram’s growth doesn’t have to focus on your likes only.

Yes, likes are one of the important components of Instagram that increase engagement rates on the platform. But worthy content regularly created for the right followers generates more than likes.

Content is king on Instagram (and other social media platforms), so you should hide your likes on your posts to improve your content quality and monitor your analytics to indicate your progress.

Besides, hiding likes also supports you in generating valuable posts and getting more followers’ attraction. They will concentrate on your posts instead of counting how many likes you got. It’s better to hide your likes before or after you upload your posts on your timeline.

How To Hide Likes On Instagram

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Why Do People Want To Hide Likes On Instagram?

According to some studies, the researchers surveyed a group including 182 students between the ages of 13 and 18 to identify how their Instagram posts received more likes and how many likes the post got.

Normally, the users who get fewer likes will have more negative feelings than positive emotions. It’s easy to understand when likes on Instagram may negatively impact users’ mental health.

Like the posts or not, this also affects the brain. You may counteract this as an influencer by not letting your followers know how many likes your posts have.

Besides, turning likes off also gives various benefits. First, the likes you receive can be vanity metrics. The overall performance measurement of marketing efforts on your Instagram will be of little concern.

Instead of scrolling through likes, keep an eye on Instagram metrics such as shares and comments. This also indicates that the post can be resonated for users to act consciously.

How Can You See The Hidden Likes On Your Instagram Without Unhiding Them?

Though you turn off that function, it doesn’t mean that Instagram stops counting your likes. So, you can always check that number without unhiding like count by turning to Instagram’s in-app metrics. But you MUST have a Creator or Business account.

  1. Log in to your Business/Creator account.
  2. Go to your profile and select Settings.
  3. Hit Account the Switch Account Type to switch to  your Instagram profile.
  4. Go to Insights below your bio then select Content You Shared, which shows the posts you have uploaded in the last 7 days.
  5. Tap the arrow button to open the gallery of recent posts. Once you will see the Reach, click it to open a drop-down menu. Then, tick Likes to show the number of likes in recent posts.

Can You Hide Instagram Likes On PCs?

Can You Hide Instagram Likes On PC

Source: Trusted Reviews

Instagram always tries to encourage the use of its mobile application. This indicates that multiple features can be unavailable or disabled on a PC, such as disabling the likes on your Instagram. If you want to disable likes, you can use the app on Instagram for Android or iOS devices.

Can You Disable Likes On Your Instagram Posts?

No, you can not. You can’t keep followers from liking your Instagram posts. So, use the proper ways to keep the likes from bothering or affecting your created content.


Now, you can learn how to hide likes on Instagram without difficulty with the detailed steps in our full guide above. This will give you a significant Instagram experience.

You can turn likes off for your posts to protect and monitor your account better. Likes on your Instagram account contribute to developing engagement rates of this platform.

Yet, valuable content you post regularly will get the right followers more than likes. Thus, this also helps you create valuable posts and attract your followers. If you want to get more useful tips to have more followers on your Instagram, click here.

Besides, you have more useful information about why you decided to disable likes on your Instagram. If you want to see the hidden likes on your account, follow the detailed guide in this article to do it.

Hopefully, our complete guide on hiding likes on Instagram above is helpful for you.  Please share your experiences and thoughts about this topic with us.

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