What You Need To Know In Order To Succeed On Instagram

It’s not uncommon to see people overthinking about their Instagram and about what they should be doing in order to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to growth in followers.

For that reason, I’ve decided to make this post, so that I can elucidate you on the main elements for a successful Instagram page, summing up what you absolutely need to know in order to succeed on Instagram, when it comes to your page’s progress:

What your niche is ?

Which can also be perceived as “Who your audience is”, being that the type of content that you share should be directed towards grabbing the attention of your target audience.

If you haven’t got this figured out, you’re not ready to succeed on Instagram, as this is the most pivotal point of your Instagram journey, being that everything that you do within the platform should revolve around it.

How to create content consistently

In case you’re a content creator, you should find ways to create content on a regular basis, so that you always have something fresh to present your audience with, and so that your page’s health score is always at its best.

Hint: If you find it to be difficult to create content while in quarantine, check out my post on personal page conte ideas.

How post content consistently

I usually recommend setting up a schedule that allows you to post content on a daily basis, at the same time of the day – setting up an alarm for this may be useful, in case your head gets somewhere else, as the day is passing.

Posting consistently and at the same time of the day lets your audience know what they can expect and when, allowing them to look forward to your new posts.

How to communicate effectively within the platform

Each platform requires a different strategy of communication, being that Instagram is a platform that’s mainly constituted by graphical content, imagery, aesthetics.

Contrarily to platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, it isn’t particularly suitable for long text as a way of accompanying posts – in other words, people aren’t usually too keen to read long captions on Instagram – at least, as much as they would be on Facebook, for example.

It’s also essential to know how to communicate your content through your page, in its different layers.

Through Instagram stories, for example, it’s recommendable to communicate in a more laid off, personal and raw manner, and you can even slightly variate from your lane, from your niche, by posting day in the life type content, whereas your feed should be where you showcase highlights, which implies that it should be the “stage”, the “show window” of your page, towards a new audience.

How position yourself as an authority in your niche

Regardless of your niche, if your goal implies inspiring or coaching people on a given subject or area, positioning is a key element.

If you want to attract a wide audience that may convert into new clientele, you must be perceived as an expert in your field.

In order for you to position yourself as an expert, you necessarily have to share content, to proactively provide value.

And this can just be a bit superficial, scratching the surface, or it can be more in-depth, with a higher level of complexity and detail, type of value.

The best part is that you can do this in many ways, being that the one that I recommend the most, as it’s by far the most powerful way to do it, is through video content.

Then, as for the content format and placement, it depends on what coaching format you’re aiming for.

For example, if you run a beauty / makeup page, you can opt for longer duration makeup tutorial videos, which would be more adequately showcased through IGTV, due to its specifically long format (still, within its limitations) on Instagram.

If you want to, for instance, showcase the before and after results of your work as an interior designer or stylist, you can use Reels as a creative and flashy way of doing it.

In the end, it all comes down to communication and positioning.

Most importantly, it’s about consistency and effort, and you must put these in if you want to position yourself and be perceived as an authority within your niche.

Essential Elements For Instagram Success

Providing high value content:

Provide content that is engaging and that tells something about you or your page. Content that has an element of entertainment or any other form of interest to your audience.

Do not be lazy with your content output, otherwise your audience will also be lazy when it comes to any sort of engagement (if they even do engage).

Keeping people in the platform:

Publish content that is strictly niche-related, so that Instagram’s algorithm allows it to be spread out to a wider audience that is also interested in the same type of content, according to their behaviours.

It is their goal to keep people on the platform for as long as possible, and if you optimize that process through your content, Instagram’s algorithm will benefit your page.

Engaging with your audience:

Do this and you will ultimately optimize your engagement levels, as well as create a sense of community around your page.

It is not rare to see pages completely ignore and disregard their audience. Take a few minutes to reply to your dm’s and comments and to ask questions to your audience through stories or through your captions on your posts. Count them in and show them that you care, they will appreciate it and most likely become more and more loyal to your page, so it’s a win-win situation.

Acting like a consumer & a business within the platform:

Post content consistently and interact with pages within your niche on a daily basis. Keep your page’s activity at a steady pace, without abusing Instagram’s features.

Instagram privileges human behaviour on the platform and activity should be reciprocal. As a business, you want to showcase your products or services, so you are keener to put out content. Although, it is also as fundamental to engage with other users’ content to show that you are a page that portrays consumer behaviour as well, in terms of content.

This ensures that your page’s activity is at a healthy level, while reinforcing your niche categorization.

Posting fresh content, content that is new to the platform:

Fresh is the best. That does apply to your content output these days on Instagram. As you publish content that is new to the platform, you are contributing to its diversity and interest, which is rewarded by the Instagram algorithm.

You’re also provided new content to your audience and they will thank you for that, as the platform is already flooded with lots of unoriginal, reposting content.

Hope that this was insightful! Feel free to leave a comment below in case you have any questions!

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