The 3 Main Secrets To Achieving 1m+ Followers On Instagram

Today, I’d like to share the 3 main aspects that played a fundamental role regarding achieving 1M+ followers for my clients.

So here they are:


Pretty obvious, yet pretty key.

Consistently posting on your feed and stories, consistently engaging with your audience, and consistently looking for ways to innovate your content output strategy are key factors that only top-performing pages do with a real level of effectiveness. Thus, reaching such heights when it comes to their Instagram following.

Instagram growth is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not about what hashtags you should and shouldn’t use (an understandable, yet silly question that I get asked a lot). It’s not about the algorithm being your enemy, either. It’s about setting up a strategy that works and sticking with it.

If some can do it, you can do it too.

So, if you’re setting a big goal for yourself, you got to do big things. You have to be ready to sweat, to have headaches here and there about what’s working and what’s not working, and you have to be persistent – and consistent.

Staying in your lane

This is so important. Lots of people claim that they run a page in a certain niche, although, their content output isn’t clear about that.

Here’s what I’m implying: if you want to build a big audience, niching down represents a fair percentage of the way.

Think about it: when you dedicate your page to a specific niche, you’re much more likely to gain and retain followers that share the same interest, the same passion.

As you produce and post quality content consistently (coming back to point number 1), you will become an authority within your niche. You will ultimately become known as “that page that shares unique [niche] content.

Then, comes growth on autopilot. As you leverage a niche-related following base, and if your niche categorization is always on point (I cover this in one of my posts, so feel free to search for it in the group’s search bar or on my personal profile here on Facebook), Instagram’s algorithm will know exactly what the audience characteristics they should showcase your content to, are.

Your page becomes more valuable to the algorithm and to your audience too, as they will know exactly what to expect from your page.

That being the case, remember to still be diverse in your content output formats. This means that you want to maintain your content niche-related, especially on your feed, while being diverse in its creative strand. Sub-theme it, sub-categorize it, make it stand out and make it unpredictable, all within the same niche.

In case you want to go for content that is more outside the niche (let’s call it that), then apply that on stories, as they are the background of your page, as opposed to your feed, which is where you showcase highlights. It’s the entering invite of your page. So, keep it inviting, enticing.

Instagram Ads

It may be harsh for some but, most importantly, it’s the truth for most cases.

Instagram ads play an absolutely pivotal role when it comes to leveraging a huge, targeted and niche-focused audience. Without them, it may take you years. It may take forever, really. Which means that you may never achieve such mark.

Here’s the catch: If you REAAAAAAALLY want to achieve such success with your Instagram page, you must be willing and able (or find ways to become able) to invest in its growth, being that you have 4 possible roads:

To produce outstanding content in your niche;

To become a celebrity (somehow) and gain a ton of followers because of your social proof outside the platform;

To invest your time on your page for years, possibly decades, depending on your current growth scale, until you eventually reach such a mark (which more than 99.5% of Instagram users don’t, so think about it);

To invest on Instagram ads and get there within months or a few years (depending on your strategy and on your ad spend budget availability).

I have clients who fit into all these categories and I can affirmatively say that, after dealing with thousands of different projects and Instagram pages, the last option is definitely the most feasible one, by a million miles.

It plays a huge role in regards to this achievement, being that I’ve helped many account in diverse niches to reach the same, and higher marks.

Mastering Instagram ads is a skill that will enable you to know exactly how to make your ideal audience lock eyes with your page and follow it in the hundreds per day.

If you’d like to know exactly how I’m achieving these results for my clients and, most importantly, how you can do it yourself, feel free to leave any comments below if you have any questions!

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