Knowledge: Organic & Paid Instagram Growth Secrets

I have recently made a post regarding organic Instagram growth, and I figured it’d be interesting and more resourceful that, instead of producing a post that’s exclusively related to paid Instagram growth, I would do a post that regards both strands.

The tendency is that organic reach is – and will – become more and more limited. As most of you know, within the last months, there have been several changes in the algorithm.

In this post, I’d like to share my experience with adapting to the Instagram algorithm and break down one of the main misconceptions that exists within the Instagram community, which is that it’s impossible to leverage high levels of organic reach, while elucidating you on why it is so fundamental to invest in the #1 most effective paid method right now.

Let’s start with Organic growth:

Organic Instagram Growth

People usually attribute their page’s stagnation or slow growth to the Instagram algorithm.

This is understandable, as it is, in fact, becoming harder and harder to leverage organic growth in the platform.

Although, it’s far from impossible, and it’s not about finding just the “right” hashtags or producing content that you’d think is awesome and that your audience should love.

It’s quite deeper than that, yet it’s still this simple:

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand that organic growth is achieved and maximized through a symbiotic combination of features.

This may sound complex, although it really isn’t – it’s about putting a strategy in place that focuses on maximizing organic reach from every source of it.

Here are 4 of the main sources of organic reach:

  • Home
  • Location
  • Explore
  • Other

The goal is to maximize your reach from each one of these sources.

As you maximize the reach from Home, Location and Other, the likelihood of your post ranking higher on bigger hashtags is exponentially higher, as Instagram perceives your content as valuable content, due to its high engaging strand.

Organic Instagram reach – although limited or reduced – is still attainable and it is a necessity, even if it’s slow but steady.

Disclaimer: (I am excluding hashtags from this post, as I’m working on a specific post regarding these, and I’ve already made several posts about hashtags here in the group, quite recently, so in the meantime, feel free to search for those).

Here’s how you can achieve organic reach:


Publish content in diverse formats: This will extend the possibilities of your audience’s awareness for your content output;

Use Polls in your stories: This will allow your audience to interact with them, enhancing their engagement levels;

Reply to your dm’s: As you get in touch with your audience, your relationship will mutually deepen and you’re more likely to retain a loyal following base that won’t miss a post.

Incite your audience to turn on post notifications: This will make sure that they’re up to date with your posts and that they’ll know every time you post a new one.

The way you can keep your audience interested with your content and leverage high reach and engagement levels from “home” (people who are already following your page), is through being innovative with your content and versatile with its delivery.

Leveraging a higher reach and engagement levels from “home”, increases the traction that your posts register in the first few minutes after its publication, which directly contributes towards ranking on bigger hashtags or in the explore page, therefore being one of the main precursors of your posts’ performance.

That said, “home” is the pillar of your posts’ performance. If you can’t leverage a strong initial reach from this source, you’ll find it much harder for your content to be exposed to a wider audience, such as through the explore page.

See it as the “crowdfunding / kickstarter” of your posts, but in the form of engagement, of social proof for the algorithm to transform into more reach potential.


This is an underrated and many times forgotten feature of Instagram.

Through location, you’re able to leverage that extra reach that can play a massive role towards your posts’ overall performance.

This is a simple element, there’s not much to it.

Although, I strongly recommend you use it in your favor and maximize your reach potential by:

  • Setting location tags in your posts.
  • Setting location tags in your stories.

As simple as it gets and, sometimes, as crucial as it gets – which is why I always advise using every feature that Instagram has to offer to your favor.


I have already made a post regarding this source, although here’s what you should know about it, as well as how to maximize your reach from it:

It consists in forms of engagement such as saves, shares to story, people tagging each other in your post, etc.

The reach that comes from “other” is highly convertible to followers, meaning that it is healthy for you to leverage high reach levels from this source.

Instead of inserting CTA’s (Calls To Action) in which you invite people to tag their friends on your post, provide value through your captions, be it informational or entertaining. This has been having an outstanding effect in my client posts’ performance for the past few weeks.

Do a market research or content research and see what type of posts do better in terms of leveraging reach and engagement from this source, as it easily converts to new followers, given its engaging nature, by its sense of community, which is an asset that almost every huge page has.


Having your posts featured in the explore page isn’t an easy task, although it has a LOT to do with the aspects mentioned for “home”, “other” and “location” – because it is through maximizing reach from those, that you’re able to have your content in the explore page for up to 24 hours (as it usually refreshes for every user after such timeline – Instagram wants you to always be engaged with fresh content, so that they can also stay updated about your browsing patterns and interests – this is how they keep providing you with content that you find to be enticing on your explore page) – but this isn’t all:

Maximize your reach from “home”, “location” and “other” by applying the steps I’ve mentioned above;

Double down on Reels: The regular use of this feature benefits your page’s health score, as Instagram privileges users who actively use their newest features, and it’s the channel through which you’re able to post short-length videos on your Instagram.

This format is particularly convenient if you want to post any sort of showcasing that justifies and requires a format that induces repetition and that endorses entertainment more than, necessarily, information.

Reels have a massive featuring in the explore page, therefore the likelihood of leveraging a high reach from the explore page through this type of content format is WAY HIGHER than for regular posts of any kind, for its exclusivity and dimension, as it occupies the “throne” of the explore page, thus providing an unprecedented reach potential.

Paid Instagram Growth

Paid Instagram growth methods shall be applied once your strategy within your Instagram page is already on point.

These are greatly favored by Instagram’s algorithm, as it’s Instagram’s goal to monetize on ad spend budget from his users (that’s the way it is, and tendentiously, that’s how every social media platform is going to direct itself towards).

That is one of the reasons why these are so effective – they improve your page’s overall performance, as you’ll be leveraging an exponentially higher reach, page visits, engagement and, ultimately, growth if you effectively apply them.

The best paid Instagram growth method, in my experience, is Instagram Story Ads.

This form of advertising enables your target audience to lock eyes with your ad, in the form of an Instagram story, which is as optimized as it gets for conversion in followers, due to its accessibility in what concerns link clicks.

When it comes to your Instagram story ads, your image or video should do most of the talking. Keep your text to a minimum, be succinct and objective with it.

Long length videos aren’t anywhere near as effective as 7 to 8 second videos.

People’s attention span is extremely low in general, let alone when it comes to scrolling through Instagram stories, as so much information and content is available in such a short period (People tend to spend approximately 2 seconds per story view, on average).

That said, it’s essential to showcase what your story is about right away, from its first millisecond, through text, and then let the image or video do the rest.

What has been working tremendously well for my clients is to ask a question and insert a CTA, followed by an aesthetically pleasing and authentic showcase of what their page has to offer.

Through these, I’ve been helping them grow 10k+ followers per month. Hope this was insightful! Feel free to ask any questions below!

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