Instagram Marketing Masterclass: Building a system of Instagram accounts & increasing thousands of real followers on Instagram each month

This course will provide you with some tips to build hundreds of Instagram accounts and get real followers naturally.

Which difficulties are you facing?

  • Are you conducting marketing activities on Instagram without getting desired efficiency?
  • Do you fail to increase followers for your Instagram account despite spending a lot of time?
  • Does the number of followers on your Instagram account still stay static although you have tried many different ways?
  • Do you find it impossible to improve your efficiency after you have attended Instagram courses that cost thousands of dollars?
  • Don’t you know how to start to expand your business on Instagram ?
  • Do you get low sales when doing business on Instagram ?
  • Don’t you have any knowledge of Instagram marketing to promote your brand?

If you are facing any of the above difficulties, this course can help. It is designed by our team, based on years of experience. For a better understanding, check out one of the many results we have accomplished below. In other words, we have increased hundreds or even thousands of new followers on Instagram each day. And you can do it, too!

We work daily on Instagram and increase hundreds to thousands of real followers on this social media platform

Reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers on Instagram without spending a budget on ads.

By understanding the Instagram algorithm well, you will know how to reach thousands of new users on Instagram per day without spending any money on paid ads. It's completely free!

You will learn how to increase real followers on Instagram!

We say no to inefficient ways that bring fake followers without conversion value as Instagram is a platform to help you increase sales and promote your brand and you need high-quality followers who are potential customers of your products/services.

In the course, we will show you exactly how Instagram works so that you can learn the way to get real followers on Instagram naturally. As a result, you can reach potential customers without costing much money.

Who is this course for!

This course is for those conducting marketing, sales, and branding on Instagram and it is for you as well if you want...


Promoting your brand on Instagram.

This course will show you exactly how to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers everyday and thus help to raise your brand awareness.


Pushing sales on Instagram.

The main goal when using Instagram marketing is sales. After this course, you will know how to increase real followers on Instagram, thereby driving better sales.


Making money online on Instagram.

To make money online on Instagram, you need to get new followers on Instagram on a daily and weekly basis to bring you more potential customers.


Increasing real followers on Instagram.

The course focuses on strategies and tips that help you reach thousands of users, who are potential customers for your product/service/brand and shown profound interests in your brand.


Trading Instagram accounts.

The course teaches you how to build tens or even hundreds of Instagram accounts, then increase their followers, and then sell them on Instagram accounts - trading  platforms.


Doing Instagram marketing with a tight budget.

It is exactly the goal of this course. We teach you and many others how to do marketing on Instagram and run a business on Instagram with a tiny budget. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars buying poor-quality Instagram followers.


Here's what you can learn by taking the course

Understand the algorithm & the way Instagram works.

You will understand how Instagram distributes contents and how it reaches users. Based on that, you will have the right Instagram account building strategy.

Ways to search for profitable niches on Instagram.

You can not sell everything on Instagram. In this course, you will learn how to find profitable niches on Instagram.

ways to find potential customers on Instagram.

You will learn how to find potential customers for your niche, products, and services on Instagram easily.

ways to reach thousands of potential customers per day.

The course will reveal how to reach thousands of potential customers every month on Instagram without wasting your budget on running ads or requiring you to have a large budget.

Ways to make money on Instagram.

The course will guide you on common ways to make money online on Instagram. You can build a system of numerous Instagram accounts to make money or sell your products/services.

ways to automatically increase followers on Instagram.

By digging into the Instagram algorithm and support tools, you will know how to increase followers on Instagram automatically without much management and working time.

Ways to use support tools for marketing on Instagram.

No matter what social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram) you are conducting marketing activities on; it is essential to use support tools for an efficient, time-saving, and money-saving campaign. The course will guide you to use the tools to support your marketing on Instagram proficiently.

Ways to do market research on Instagram.

When marketing on Instagram, our aim is to run a business and what you need to know is whether your products can be sold on Instagram or not. It requires you to know how to do market research on this social media platform.

Ways to search for high-quality content sources on Instagram.

If you want to build an Instagram account with a large number of followers, make your that your account can provides them with useful content. No one is willing to follow you if what you create on your account is not valuable. In the course, you will learn how to find high-quality content sources on Instagram.

Ways to create professional Instagram accounts.

You may think there is nothing hard to create an Instagram account? In reality, many of our students don't know how to create an Instagram account properly. With this course, you will learn how to create one or hundreds of professional Instagram accounts to avoid Instagram penalties and attract new followers.

Ways to build a system of hundreds of Instagram accounts.

It is exactly possible to create dozens to hundreds of Instagram accounts or as many as you want. You will learn how to build an Instagram account system and increase real followers that are beneficial to your business. Such knowledge has never been revealed before.

ways to increase hundreds of Instagram accounts.

This is the core of the course. We understand that we all desire to build an Instagram account and gain real followers on a daily or monthly basis. In this course, you will learn smart strategies to make it easier.

Ways to send bulk messages on Instagram.

It is a trick that few people know and teach you. By sending bulk messages to as many new users (also your potential customers) as possible, you will have a great opportunity to boost your visibility. Thereby, you can easily increase your followers as well as sales.

Ways to increase followers naturally on Instagram.

You will learn how to increase real followers naturally on Instagram without spending a lot of money or time working every day.

ways to send hundreds of comments on Instagram.

Leaving comments to your followers every day is a good way to increase interaction and build a better relationship with your followers. In this course, you will be trained how to leave hundreds of daily comments to users who haven't followed you yet.

We help you save your time and money

Don't waste your time and money on inefficient and expensive ways. What you need to understand is the Instagram algorithm and its operation rules, which will be told to you in this course.

You will save a lot of time

Instead of self-studying, you will possess eight years of knowledge and experience in Instagram marketing. I'm sure that it will save you a lot of time. We used to be a beginner like you and at that time we wished we had mentors to guide us at the very first steps so that we did not have to go through so many failures before we succeed.

You will save a lot of money

You won't waste thousands of dollars on Instagram ads or unscrupulous courses. We have helped many students succeed with their Instagram marketing on a small budget.

Your Instagram marketing campaign will be under your control

By the end of the course, you will understand everything about Instagram, how it works, and get the hang of its algorithms, so you will know what to do to succeed with Instagram.

You will know how to avoid Instagram penalties

Very few people pay attention to this issue. To be honest, we have been penalized by Instagram many times. As a result, we have been locked out of hundreds of Instagram accounts (even the ones with thousands of followers). The failure was a waste of time and effort, so we don’t want you to follow that path.

Your tuition and benefits

This course teaches you to be a good marketer on Instagram. In other words, you will get to know how to grow your business and promote your brand to the right potential customers by leveraging your Instagram. As a result, it wil help you increase sales and achieve your other marketing goals.

Of course, there is no need for you to spend thousands of dollars learning those things. We build the course with the hope that everyone can succeed on Instagram with a low budget. Below is the tuition we appreciate. You will learn all the marketing knowledge to increase followers on Instagram in just one course.



(One Time Payment)

  • Full lifetime access.
  • Coaching 1-1
  • Support via telegram or syke
  • Lifetime support.

Note: Information about the course will be sent to your email after registering. So, please check your spam folder if you can't find the instructions in your inbox.

What our Clients Say

Jenny Martins

Definitely helped me learn a couple of things I didn't already know. If you majored in marketing in school like I did, then there will be a lot of things you may already know just from learning it in school with your degree. Regardless, if you have no idea about where to start with your Instagram, please take this course. Even if you know a little bit, this will all help bring it together.

Paul Simons

I was not completely new to Instagram when starting this course but lacked a lot of knowledge and understanding how this platform works. Getting close to start my own business I searched for a course can give me an insight of Instagram marketing strategies, that I can use to grow my account. I found this course clear and straight forward, cannot wait to implement the knowledge I got.

John Carter

Got a new Skill with a lot of hidden insights which I never knew. Now I feel confident that I can start doing IG Marketing for my client as I am a Full-stack developer, my clients ask me how I make money using the platform you built, and I can fulfill this condition from now on. Thank you, Benji.
I wanted to see how paid marketing would get me the results, what the hit trial I should go with, and change my strategy accordingly, this is something I felt missing throughout the course.
But I've learned a lot in this 7.5 hours course!

I feel educated, empowered and excited to begin using IG (words I never thought I'd say!). I'm a solopreneur who has been using IG in all the wrong ways. It always felt like a chore but I realized it's because I was largely uneducated on HOW to use it. I am ready to dig in and use it strategically. Great course and I highly recommend.

Mikayla Harris 

Good Course! This course has definitely helped me to understand how Instagram works and how to promote my profile. The course is very thorough and is also very engaging. one thing that I feel you can do is give some content which we can download. some of the infographics that you have used are very interesting and i would love it if I could download them or just get a pdf with all the resources in one place. All in all a good course. would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Anna Morgan


Can I take the course without any knowledge of Instagram marketing?

Yes, you can. This course provides both basic and advanced knowledge so it is suitable for students of all levels.

How can I register for the course?

You can click on "Buy the course" or click here to register. We accept payment via Paypal, Visa card, and Mastercard.

After registration, how will I learn?

After paying your tuition fees, you will receive an email with instructions on how to learn in your email inbox (please check your spam folder as well).

Is there any limit to how many times this course can be taken?

No, it isn't. Students have access to the entire course with an unlimited number of learning times and free knowledge updates.

If I have a question while taking the course, can I get support?

You will be supported via email. If you have any questions, please email us via Normally, you will get a response in 30 minutes.

Can I take the course even when I don’t have much free time?

You can study in your free time. The course is suitable even for people who are working. Mastering Instagram marketing skills and strategies is important and useful for working.

How much time do I need to spend each day working on Instagram?

In our experience, you should attend the course for at least 1 hour daily. It would be better to maintain this routine until you master the knowledge.