Instagram Growth From Scratch

In this post, I’ll be covering the primordial aspects that regard Instagram growth, from page creation and set up (which plays a massive role towards growth) to more technical aspects of it.

Instagram Growth From Scratch

Pick a niche:

This should be a well-thought process, as you’ll have to stick with it to achieve success;

Set up your profile:

This process has 5 key elements.

Those are your Logo; Username; Name; Bio; Story Highlights. Make sure that they comply with the following aspects:

Logo: Should be clear, aesthetically pleasing and congruent with your page’s niche and theme. It should be about you as a person or about your brand as a business.

Username: Should be short and concise, preferrably without too many numbers, dots or underscores. Not to mention it should also resonate with your page’s theme.

Name: Instead of making your name the same as your username, which is what most people usually do, make it about a few keywords that describe what your page is all about. You should do this because names are also searchable, and that enhances the likelihood of your page being discovered.

Note: Emojis are searchable as well, so you can also include those if you want.

Bio: Should include at least 2 / 3 of the following: Your location; a catchphrase about you or your business; a CTA towards an external website or app; what you or your business does; a link towards that website or app.

Story Highlights: Don’t underestimate the effect that these have on your page. A page that has no story highlights just seems emptier nowadays and loses its “personality”. Story highlights are a great way to preview or portray what your page is about, so it’s like an abstract of your feed, or a set of – as the name suggests – highlights about it.

This is a great asset for business pages and for bloggers, as a way of showcasing their work or their day-to-day life.

Do a market research within your niche

The goal is that you’re able to tell what kind of content is performing better amongst the top pages of your niche.

In order to do this, select 10 pages that you want to research and calculate the average number of likes of their last 20 posts.

Then on, every post that has at least 30%+ likes than the average, may be considered a post with viral potential.

If you run a reposting page, you can repost these pieces of content if they resonate with your niche and subniche (for example, if you run a page in the travel niche and you just want to focus in one country – then that’s your subniche, so a more specific thematic).

If you run a personal page, recreate that type of content without disregarding your own personal touch.

Start off by interacting with pages that belong to your niche:

There’s something called niche categorization, which succinctly consists in your page’s niche identity.

This identity is formed within Instagram’s algorithm. It filters your page’s action and behavior patterns since the moment you create your page.

That applies to the smallest things, such as liking a certain post, comment or message, to the type of content you post, stories you watch and engage with, hashtags and location tags you insert, pages you tag in your posts, etc.

The goal is to interact exclusively with pages that belong to your niche, and post content that is exclusively related to your niche, so that your explore page looks like a certain niche’s feed.

What this will do is put your page in a niche “box”, so that your content is more easily spread throughout other users’ explore pages who share the same interest in that type of content.

That’s how you can leverage high-quality followers from the explore page – they’re already interested in your type of content, because they too are in that niche box, which allows Instagram to recommend your content to them, by enabling it to reach their explore page, as it’s their goal for users to spend as much time in the platform as possible – that’s how it prospers and stays relevant.

Publish your first 6 posts within the first 24 hours of creating your page:

If your page doesn’t have any content to showcase, then it’s no surprise that no one follows it. By having at least your first 6 posts in place, your page starts to build a certain “personality”.

Direct specific content formats and concepts between your feed and your stories:

Lots of people commit the mistake of posting unrelated or confusing posts in their feed, that aren’t congruent with what their audience expects from their page.

That said, for instance, leave the more day-to-day, “secondary” or extra content to your Instagram stories and your highlights for your feed – because Instagram is precisely a platform for showcasing highlights.

This way, not only will you be able to provide your audience with different types of content, but you’ll also maintain your page aesthetically pleasing and organized, in that sense.

Do an in-depth hashtag strategy for your niche:

The way you can do this is very similar to how you’d do for a market (content) research.
Search for posts that are amongst the top performing, of medium and big pages of your niche, and see what kind of hashtags and hashtag sets they’re using.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t mimic their hashtag sets, as they won’t have the same results on your posts, because there are many other factors to take in consideration, such as your page’s size, engagement levels and health score.

Instead, interiorize the kind of hashtags they’re using and test several different sets for your posts, individually, until you know what works best and what doesn’t.

From then on, the process is precisely the same – experiment again and again. There’s no “ideal” hashtag set, so you’re always going to be an eternal apprentice.

Use every feature that Instagram provides:

Instagram’s algorithm benefits pages that use all their features, so remember to use these daily:

  • Location Tags (both on feed posts and stories)
  • Polls (in your stories)
  • Hashtags
  • Tagging Other Pages
  • Answering Dm’s
  • Liking Comments
  • Answering Comments (this will maximize your engagement levels)
  • IGTV
  • Live

Bonus Tip:

Avoid performing any action that compromises your page’s health score or niche categorization from the beginning, as this may completely ruin your page’s growth potential from the very first actions you perform. Always play by the rules of Instagram’s algorithm.

That includes:

Liking too many comments, posts or messages in a short period of time;

Commenting on too many posts in a short period of time;

Sharing inappropriate content or links;

Posting inappropriate content (nudity, substance abuse, violence, etc).

Hope this helps, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Go crush it!

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