How To Reach The Explore Page In 2022! (Updated)

Reaching the explore page is not an easy task these days, especially as Instagram’s algorithm limits organic reach more and more intensely.

Instagram benefits pages that register high levels of engagement in their posts and that have their niche categorization on point.

Here’s why:

Instagram is a platform that makes money from advertisements. The easiest and most reliable way for your followers to see advertisements is to keep them on the platform for as a long period of time as possible. This implies that the more time you keep your followers in the platform, the more the Instagram algorithm will favor your content (and your page), allowing it to retain a bigger of users’ attention, as you’re doing with your following base.

Here’s what you should know about the explore page

The explore page is where popular / trending content shows up prior to your page’s niche categorization;

The explore page is where popular / trending content that’s related to your niche shows up when your page’s niche categorization on point;

The explore page is the reach source that more easily converts your reach into followers: if your niche categorization is on point, your explore page should look like a feed of a page in your given niche;

The most effective way of leveraging follower-gain from your posts being featured in the explore page is if your niche categorization is on point as well, as it implies that your posts will show up in other people’s explore pages, who share the same niche categorization as yours – and therefore, are interested and actively interacting with that niche;

The reason why these posts are trending / popular is that they leverage such a high level of engagement in the first hour after they’re published, that Instagram’s algorithm allows them to be showcased to a wider audience that is already interested in that same type of content – and there’s no better “stage” for that than the explore page;

Increasing the likelihood of your posts reaching the explore page:

Meeting the last bullet point, first and foremost it’s fundamental to understand that the lower engagement levels you leverage in a fast succession, after you post, the harder it is for your post to feature in the explore page.

This implies that you have to maximize its reach potential through how you use Instagram’s features in your favor on your post, as well as how you set it up – and it’s viral potential.

Here’s how your content can feature in the explore page:

Maximize your posts’ reach from “other”: This source’s reach is determined by users who tag others in your post and who send your post to others people’s dm’s or stories.

The best way of maximizing reach from this source is to add a CTA (Call To Action) in your posts, that incites people to perform one of the mentioned actions.

This is by far the most effective way of augmenting the likelihood of reaching the explore page, as it provides a massive reach potential that may catapult your post into the explore page.

Post quality content: By quality content, both aesthetically pleasing or enticing content and content with viral potential are implied. The technicalities that regard your content’s performance are important, but it all starts with the piece of content itself. Go for content that rather triggers emotion, generates curiosity or that is interactive.

Use Instagram’s features in your favor: Use location tags to leverage geo-based reach and tag niche-relevant pages in your posts and stories.

Also, use the newest features that Instagram offers, both on stories and on your feed posts.

Invite your followers to turn on post notifications: By doing so, they will be notified every time you post, which ultimately increases your reach and, consequently engagement. Having these enhanced, your post’s likelihood of hitting the explore page is higher, consequently.

Know your audience: If you consistently go through your page’s insights, you’ll find the days and hours in which your followers are the most active. Try to post at these timelines, in order to optimize your post’s reach and engagement levels, especially from the “Home” source.

Post in the form of Reels: Reels have much more real estate in the explore page (meaning that they show up in a much bigger format).

Hope this was insightful! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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