How To Post On Instagram? Guidelines, Tips & Tricks For You

How To Post On Instagram

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With over 1 billion registered members, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms you can employ in your promotional campaign.

However, with all of the algorithm updates on Instagram, marketers must ensure that they have a clear strategy on how to post on Instagram.

This sharing will cover every important aspect to help you understand the guidelines, tips, and tricks for posting on the app that will help you expand your follower base, attract your audience’s interest, and effectively promote your personal brand.

Stay tuned and keep reading if you are interested in this topic!

How To Post On Instagram: Instagram Post

Here, we’ve put up a quick and straightforward tutorial for Instagram posting so that you can start attracting your follower’s attention with the platform!

How To Post On Instagram

Tap The “+” Icon 

Instagram just modified its main home page, so you must now hit the “+” to upload an Instagram Post, Story, or Live broadcast.

Then, you can select the content you wish to share.

Choose The Content

Instagram will display photographs and videos from the gallery stored on your device. Choose the one(s) you wish to upload to the site. Alternatively, you may use the camera button inside the Instagram app to capture a shot or take a video directly.

Post Multiple Images On Instagram

If you need to share many photographs and video clips on a single post (known as carousel posts), hit the stacked square icon, then select all the photographs you will share. As you pick your photos and clips, numbers will begin to jump.

Instagram allows you to publish up to ten photographs in a series. After you’ve chosen the content to share, click “Next”.

Crop The Image

Instagram allows more than a single square picture frame; you can also share photos in horizontally or vertical form.

Don’t panic if you still need to edit your photo, as the app assists you in cropping photographs directly. Pinch the displayed image on the touchscreen, and adjust it until you get the perfect image size.

While Instagram enables portrait and landscape orientations, pictures must still stay within certain dimensions. As a result, you might need to trim your photo to make it fit.

Edit Your Photo

You do not need to be a professional to edit filters with any tools for your photographs.

Instagram offers 24 filters for you to pick from, along with basic editing features to assist you in improving your pictures, including:

  • Adjust
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Structure
  • Warmth
  • Saturation
  • Color
  • Fade
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Vignette
  • Tilt Shift
  • Sharpen

Scroll to the right side to see the options, then choose one to check out if it is okay with your images.

When you’re finished, hit the arrow button.

Type Caption

This is where you will submit a description to go with your image, similar to how you’d write content for an ad.

Text is a terrific technique to develop or contextualize your posts and improve your social media posts.

Make captions that are both fascinating and imaginative, as well as useful and instructional. This will motivate your followers to interact with your post when they view it in their newsfeeds.

Use Hashtags

Instagram’s search tool allows users to search via hashtags. So, you should include trending keywords in your descriptions.

If a user searches for the hashtag you used in your description, they can locate your account.

Tag Friends

Want your buddy or followers to check out the new images you’ve shared of you two? Tag them!

On the new post screen, choose “Tag others” to include other accounts in your picture. Alternatively, you may add their username beginning with the “@” sign in your remarks.

Add Location

If you don’t want to provide geographical information in the caption, utilize the “Add location” tool to add it in another way. Press the “Add Location” text to select a place from a list of options.

You can be as detailed as you want, for example, a single building or the nation in which you are now staying. In either case, a geolocation tag can help people locate your Instagram photos.

Play With Emojis

Including emojis in your Instagram post descriptions is an excellent method to draw the attention of your subscribers. Feel free to integrate pertinent emojis into your caption.

However, if you go this way, avoid using too many emoticons. These may be annoying instead of uplifting, so limit yourself to no more than five emojis.

This will guarantee that your content remains visually appealing without becoming confusing.

Share The Post On Other Social Media Platforms

If you wish to share your Instagram pictures with other social media platforms such as your Facebook or Twitter, move the bar from left to right.

When you’re willing to publish, click “Send” in the upper right corner, and Instagram will instantly forward the post to your chosen social networks.

Edit The Post

Everyone makes spelling errors! Don’t be alarmed if you’ve just uploaded your post and found an obvious typo. Press the three dots to the right side of your username, then select “Edit.”

Here, make the changes you think would work and click “Save”. Eventually, your post will be ready and visible to everybody.

How To Post On Instagram Story

Instagram Story is a unique and entertaining way to post content. Furthermore, they are excellent for promoting interaction and improving brand exposure.

How To Post On Instagram Story

Steps To Post

  • Tap the camera icon in the upper right corner of the main page.
  • Tap the circle button to take photos and or record videos. Alternatively, you may upload videos and pictures from your camera roll by swiping them up.
  • Once you have chosen the content, you can be creative with your pictures and videos! To activate Instagram’s story effect, swipe left. Then, you can add stickers, text, music, and other effects.
  • When you’re ready to upload on Instagram, you can share “Your Story” or “Close Friends” mode or send it as a message to individuals or organizations.

Camera Mode

At the bottom of Instagram Stories, you can see a list of a variety of cool camera modes, such as:

Hands-free, Normal, and Live

These are the most fundamental Instagram Story camera modes.

The hands-free option is ideal for extended selfie videos; the live option is meant for connecting with your fans, and the usual camera mode is the standard recording format.


If you like the collage style, you will enjoy Layout mode! When you enter Layout mode, you can capture up to six photographs or import them instantly from your media library.


Create Mode enables you to connect with your audience quickly and uniquely! you can share Instagram Stories without taking photographs or finding new material.

If you need assistance in posting on Instagram and what to do, head to Create Mode and select from their selection of tools available.


Instagram is always adding fascinating new engaging Instagram Story features.

There are many methods to revitalize your stories, ranging from Instagram Music and AR effects to GIFs and Boomerangs.



Enter your search term and see what intriguing results appear. It might not be easy to find the ideal GIF at times.

So, instead of hunting the perfect GIF to utilize for your Story, try to search for certain phrases.


You can now breathe life into your Story with music. This is a simple step that elevates your tale to a higher level.


Donation stickers work wonders for charity organizations! With Instagram’s donation stickers, NGOs receive 100% of their earnings.


Instagram shopping stickers may only be used by businesses with an Instagram Business account and purchase tangible products.

Please remember that you can not edit the product description on your narrative. So, if you wish to change the product’s name, you must first do so.


If you want to increase the number of views and interactions, try adding location stickers! You can select from a list of suggested destinations or search for them.


There are several applications for question stickers! You may pose questions, have your followers complete a phrase, or guess impending news. The possibilities are limitless!


Type your hashtag and press the done button. After you’ve chosen and put a hashtag sticker, you may press it to change the font styles.


When cooperating with companies and influencers or sharing user-generated content (UGC), utilize Instagram mention stickers to include other people!


Countdown stickers come in handy to inform your community about upcoming events!

Countdown stickers can be used when traveling, releasing a product, organizing an event, or preparing a sale.

Have some fun with it!

Poll and Quiz

Poll and quiz stickers are a unique approach to help your fans engage in your content, as they can interact with your questions in the stories.

Emoji Slider

Instagram emoji slider stickers unleash your creativity. Choose an icon and begin creating it in your narrative!

How To Schedule Instagram Posts In Creator Studio?

Now, let’s discuss how to manage Instagram posts. Scheduling Instagram posts ahead of time allows you to save time, keep a regular publication schedule, and avoid disturbing your day merely to ensure your material is published.

Creator Studio will be a valuable tool for scheduling Instagram material if you work as an influencer with a Creator account.

So, follow these steps to make the best of Creator Studio:

How To Schedule Instagram Posts In Creator Studio

Link Your Account

Access Creator Studio on Facebook and follow the steps to connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio.

Click “Create Post”

After you’ve linked your Instagram account, click the Instagram symbol in the taskbar, hit “Create Post,” and tap “Instagram Feed.”

Insert Your Picture

Now, select one picture to use as your newsfeed post. You have the choice of uploading many photos or videos to make a carousel post.

To do so, hit the “Add content” button in the gray box and pick a file to post.

Enter Your Description

Add your caption and all the hashtags you want. Also, include some emojis and your area to your heart’s content.

Schedule The Posts

Select “Schedule” from the arrow next to the “Publish” icon in the lower right-hand corner. You can either share your post immediately or preserve it as a draft if you intend to update it later.

What To Post On Instagram?

Instagram has a large user base, which implies that many individuals share fantastic stuff daily.

With so much material scheduled and released every moment of the day, you can only upload photographs or pictures and hope for the best if you wish to advertise your business and attract followers on Instagram.

How To Post On Instagram

Here are five tips to help you with your Instagram content management:

Ask Questions

Asking your followers questions is the easiest and fastest way. Also, this may increase interaction while also helping you explore compelling content for later use.

Share User-generated Content

Re-sharing material your subscribers make is a proven strategy to promote engagement and communication with your network of followers.

You can consider this as a token of gratitude to your virtual communities while demonstrating how they use your service or product (if any).

Consider developing customized hashtags that your fans may use when publishing their material to make it simpler to locate. To find postings from your followers, look for branded hashtags.

What’s Trending

Participating in trendy social media content, memes or challenges can be a fun way to show off your company image while staying updated with your followers!

Share Content From Other Social Media Sites

If you need more time to generate new material for each social media platform, you may reuse content by cross-posting the same information on platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Ensure the information you’re rearranging is consistent with your account.

Showcase Your Product

Is your service or item being used by any influencers? You can use the influencer’s content on your Instagram account, like sharing user-generated content.

Influencer strategy is excellent for advertising and increasing social proof within your following. When you have celebrities with whom your audience is acquainted and believes in their ideas, you may increase brand recognition while boosting followers.

From there, your brand will gain more traction!

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram?

To escalate engagement rate on Instagram, follow these tips:

Post Consistently

According to research, the catch is to post 1-2 times daily. This keeps your feed current and relevant and gives you additional opportunities to direct people to your post.

Knowing when to publish on Instagram is also essential, notably when dealing with the algorithmic schedule.

Build A Strong Brand

Consistency and inventiveness are essential for organizations trying to create brand recognition on Instagram. An irregular, haphazard effort will constantly fail.

Concentrate on key areas such as displaying your account, developing beautiful themes that offer your photographs a new style, and mastering the usage of hashtags. It would help if you connected with your fans regularly to increase loyalty and interaction.

Have A Visually Consistent Feed

Instagram is a network that encourages visually appealing content. Remember that Instagram’s heart will always be on visual content, so you should keep up with that.

Activate Instagram Reels

In terms of videos, have you tested the potential of Instagram Reels? This video function has been available on Instagram since last year and has grown in popularity. This TikTok imitation of entertaining short films allows your company to connect with the audience in 30-second segments.

You can experiment with the customization options and add effects and a soundtrack to make your video the superstar on Instagram.

Use Instagram Traffic And SEO

Increase your affiliate capacity by offering special deals and promotions to get subscribers to click through. A strong call-to-action with your URL should also appear as a textual overlay on any picture or video.

While Instagram and SEO may not appear to be the most evident bond, the link between social media and SEO is reciprocal. Developing an SEO plan for your account is critical in a dog-eat-dog competition network.

Not only should you optimize your account for the activity involved for your network but also consider how social signals (likes, shares, and comments) might affect your SEO ranking.


Can You Post On Instagram From The Desktop App?

Yes, but there are some small restrictions. Instagram’s desktop edition primarily lets you post videos and photographs to your account.

Instagram Stories, IGTV posts, and Stories, however, cannot be posted from the browser version.

What Is The Best Way To Post On Instagram?

Follow these practices to make Instagram perform best for your business and remain ahead of the competition.

These ways include the aforementioned measures to boost your brand’s awareness on the site to attract and promote audience interaction.

How Do You Post A Hashtag?

For the greatest results, research each hashtag. Examine the best-performing posts’ content type and quantity of likes – if your material matches, you’ve found a successful hashtag.

The quantity of hashtags you use is important. While Instagram enables up to 30 tags, many tags beneath your description look untargeted and amateurish.

Some claim that postings with more than 11 keywords receive the highest interaction. Even a hashtag may boost your post’s interaction by up to 12.6%.

How Do You Post A Hashtag

How Do You Post A Hashtag? – Source: Pexels

Analyze how many tags your rivals and industry experts normally use, then test with that quantity to assist you in determining what’s suitable for your brand. Use many different hashtags in your posts till you discover your sweet spot.


Understanding how to post on Instagram is the initial step in improving your social game! In the post, we have offered the finest Instagram posting strategies, from understanding how to publish on your feed to optimize posts with many instructions.

Alternatively, you can look over the tips to gain more followers on Instagram to foster the process.

Hopefully, this article has served you well. Thank you, and see you next time!

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