How To Make Money On Instagram With 500 Followers? All Answered

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How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers? You want to monetize Instagram but get too much advice and don’t know which is the best for you? You’re in the right post. We’ll help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and point you in the right direction. Let’s read on!

How To Make Money On Instagram With 500 Followers?

Promote Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is simply a vendor website paying a commission to other sites when they bring traffic to the vendor webs. In other words, these sites post links related to the product of the supplier’s website and receive a commission under certain agreements.

You can add a few links from the website you are working on to your Instagram posts or profiles. Then, if their sales increase thanks to the huge amount of traffic via your links, they can pay you a high commission.

First, register this affiliate program with the provider you want to promote. Next, add the website’s link to the profile section and insert links about their products or websites in your Instagram posts as naturally as possible.

Use A Tip Jar In Your Bio

You can direct your readers and your followers on Instagram to your account links so that they can contribute to or support your work. Suppose you are an artist, a writer, or an art creator; you can say, “If you like my song/my story, leave a tip via the link on my bio!”

It is best to link an account with a service such as Patreon or Ko-Fi. They are a form of crowdfunding, where people are asked to donate money to support a project or work.

In this way, you can interact and learn from hundreds of thousands of other partners on these platforms who are also oriented like you. From there, it can help you develop yourself more and earn a higher income.

Offer Goods

How To Make Money On Instagram With 500 Followers

Opening a clothing or homeware store is one of the most popular ways to earn money by Instagram. The number of people accessing this platform daily to buy clothes and shoes is very high, especially youngsters.

Instagram’s interface allows users to post product photos in several attractive ways. You can also leave an Amazon or Facebook store link on your Instagram posts to gain the trust of your customers.

You first need to register a business account through the settings to sell your products directly on Instagram. If you already have a store on Facebook, link it directly to your Instagram account to skip the complicated procedures.

In addition, to increase your store’s credibility, you can link up with platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce. They are exclusive e-commerce sites for online stores and point-of-sale systems, helping you open your online store and sell products effectively.

Advertise Your Website On Instagram

You can leverage Instagram to drive traffic to your other monetized websites or accounts, which is also a way to advertise your websites.

You can put the site’s URL in your Instagram bio if you own a blog or a YouTube channel. It will both help increase the follower and subscriber base of your web or channel and help you earn more money from views.

Promote a video or blog post every time you finish it on your Instagram page. You can cleverly add other articles or video links to your new posts to boost the views of several ones.

To do this, ensure that your content engages your readers, targeting the issues they’re interested in. The design of the video and its length also greatly affect the views, so prepare everything carefully.

Selling Your Own Digital Products

How To Make Money On Instagram With 500 Followers

It is a great choice if you are a graphic designer, PowerPoint designer, content creator, programmer, video or subtitle editor, photographer, etc. You can directly sell your digital products and services on the Instagram platform.

If you already have enough skills and want to expand your customer market, you can take advantage of Instagram. In the profile description, promote your Linkedin, Upwork, and Freelancer account to level up your credibility.

These are social networking sites designed specifically for the business community. Customers can also see the projects and products you have completed and the feedback from your previous clients.

If you are a beginner, actively promote your products on Instagram. Regularly update your posts according to a specific schedule so that customers can easily follow you. Engage with people intending to use your product to turn them into loyal customers.

Become A Brand Ambassador (For Small Businesses)

How To Make Money On Instagram With 500 Followers

If you already have an influence and want a steady stream of income through Instagram, then you should consider becoming a brand ambassador.

The key point that most brands aim for is the regular promotion of the ambassador for their products. So your posts must be up to standard and follow a regular schedule.

You also need to increase the recognition of your Instagram account and maintain the interaction on each post. Brands will not be interested in an account with many followers but low post engagement.

The important thing is to interact continuously and answer people’s questions about the issues related to the product you are promoting. You may be offered an even higher commission if you know how to create interesting content related to the brand even with a modest fan base.

You can search for companies or brands on social media and contact them by email. Though there are only 500 followers, it is possible to receive cooperation from small or mid-sized businesses.

Promote Local Businesses 

If you’re not confident about being a brand ambassador yet, start by promoting businesses where you live, such as a local food store or local clothing brand. With 500 followers on Instagram, you should approach a few enterprises and indicate that you want to broadcast their products or services.

Offer them a reasonable price and convince them of your experience and what you have. Be creative and work with them to draw customers to use the products and services of the business you’re pushing.

Not only will this support the local economy, but it will also help boost your popularity on social media. You can offer a small discount to customers who know about the company through your Instagram account.

Start A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping or drop-ship is a sales model that skips shipping procedures. Sellers don’t need to import goods or store inventory but only need to consider selling and tracking orders.

It will be a lifesaver if you find it difficult to deliver goods and product management procedures. The great thing is you can earn money with Instagram as the difference between the supplier’s price and the actual selling price to the customer.

Dropshipping on Instagram allows you to choose products that you love to develop your own business from various sources.

You can also save time, effort, and money because this business model minimizes costs for warehouses or transportation. You can source products on Shopify, BigCommerce, or Etsy and share them through posts and videos on your Instagram account.

Sell Affordable Shoutouts

Shoutouts are a trending form of marketing on Instagram and will grow even more in the future. It is a form of promoting brands, stores, products, etc. These brands will ask you to mention their products on your Instagram accounts in a simple way, and you’ll receive an advertising fee.

To do this, you need to use hashtags to increase the visibility of their product line. You need to share photos of their services and products on your profile.

It may be difficult to sell shoutouts to brands initially, but see how other Instagram accounts do. You should also offer an affordable shoutout and provide the best service to both brands and customers, given your lower starting point with 500 followers.

Give Consultations On Instagram

You can offer consulting services on your Instagram if you have great knowledge in certain areas such as business, medical, health, tarot, you name it. This platform is designed with tools to make your account look more professional and trustworthy in customers’ eyes.

You can initially offer a free consultation. Gradually, once you have a significant number of clients, you can ask them for a small amount of money to receive more in-depth advice.

Taking the time to write analysis articles and tutorials on a subject you already have experience in is one of the ways to attract readers. You can also broadcast live videos of your tips or predictions about health, finance, etc., to gain more views, interactions, and followers.

Sell E-books 

Sell E-books instagram

Selling e-books is also one of the popular ways to make money with Instagram. However, it requires knowledge, perseverance, and creativity. First, you need to learn about the concerns of most people and let them know that you can handle them by showing practical methods.

If you are not confident, you can initially write short e-books or short sharing pages and watch your readers’ interaction. If all goes well, then you should sell them at an affordable price.

It will help if you look to “PLR vendors” because they can provide you with private label rights and other privileges to booksellers. An initial fee is required to maintain your account on the platform, but you will quickly get your money back from book sales as the number of books sold is unlimited.

Sell Your Account

Another way to monetize your Instagram account is to sell it. Although you will not get a steady income, it can help you in times of need.

The procedure to sell an Instagram account is simple, but the important thing is how much you sell. The value of your account depends not only on the number of followers but also on the number of interactions on each of your posts.

It proves your influence and helps raise the value of your account. So, it will be best to ensure each post has an even growing engagement over time.

You can add hashtags to your posts and share popular videos or opinions to improve traffic. To find potential customers, search and join Instagram marketing groups or media groups intending to promote themselves.

It is also important to take screenshots of the entire transaction process to avoid being scammed.

What Are The Prerequisites to Monetizing Instagram?

Your Influence

How To Make Money On Instagram With 500 Followers

Your spread and influence on social media is the most useful tool to make money in Instagram. In other words, when you have a certain fame, potential customers will increasingly find you. It will strengthen the authenticity of the information and products you share on Instagram.

With 500 followers, you may need more time to increase the number of interactions and followers on your Instagram. You can spend more time learning about current trends, analyzing them, and sharing them from your perspective.

You should also have a certain posting schedule so that your followers can interact with you regularly. HashtagsForLikes will help you analyze the data and suggest the topics and times you should post.

In addition, set up a clear Instagram interface for customers to easily access your services. The Instagram sales funnel is a good option for your interface. It offers a wide range of colors and ways to present your Instagram page in a professional and eye-catching way.

Your Dedicated Followers

If you already own interesting and unique content, it will gradually attract several Instagram users. However, your influence is largely due to the engagement of a dedicated followers section.

Who are they? The ones who are involved in most of your posts! Your account will always appear on their news feed because these people help maintain your influence on each post.

However, there is still a part of followers who rarely or do not interact with you. How to increase the engagement of these people? One of the most effective tips is to address certain needs for them.

For non-engaged followers, you can ask questions in the comments section and give some answers to see how engaged they are. For less engaged audience, you can track the topics and posts they have interacted with to see what content they are interested in.

Pros And Cons Of Earning Money With 500 Instagram Followers

The Pros

One obvious benefit is that you can have additional income or even stable long-term livelihood without much prep work and effort in establishing your account. It especially comes in handy when you get stuck.

In addition, you will have a close relationship with your community of Instagram followers. You can share and learn from them through interacting with each other. They will also help you learn strategies to increase followers after you know them well.

The Cons

However, only 500 followers are still not enough to catch the eye of some businesses. So you need to spend more time reaching more Instagram users.

You also have to take the time to remove negative comments that are intentionally sabotaging your work. Usually, these people are also trying to make money on Instagram, but they use a way to smear others.


What Are Some Tips To Get High Engagement On Instagram?

Except for the tips mentioned above, there are a few other points to keep in mind that will help you increase engagement on Instagram. One of them is to stick to the goal, not to follow what is supposed to be popular.

Humorous videos can attract many people, but if you sell pharmaceuticals, those videos are probably unnecessary for you.

Besides, tag users when possible. The website looks at the average number of likes for each Instagram post with the number of people tagged in the post.

They then found a high correlation when each tagged user brought in between 0.5 and 1 new like. The results are almost the same as the comments, which will boost your engagement rate.

How Long Does It Take To Monetize An Instagram Account?

It depends on your influence on social networks. If you already have a significant following on Facebook, creating an Instagram account will be very easy to attract them. It may only take you a short time to get a sufficient number of Instagram followers to start making money.

However, when you are new to Instagram, it can take about a year or more to monetize. Planning, engaging with customers, and learning from other successful Instagram users will take quite a while.

How Many Followers Do Users Need On Instagram To Get A Blue Tick?

You may need at least around 5,000 followers to get the Instagram blue tick. However, it is subject to many other requirements, such as personal pages must have good interaction with users and posts must receive many customer comments.

Especially, your account should draw high likes, at least 5,000 likes or more per post. The personal page should not violate Facebook’s rules and regulations, and is not reported for violations.


Overall, there’re several ways on how to make money on Instagram with 500 followers. You can build your own business, be a brand ambassador, etc., to increase your influence on social networks. What matters is your persistence and creativity. We hope you found this post useful. See you later!

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