How To Increase Engagement On Instagram: 20 Tried-and-True Tips

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram

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Getting more engagement is the dream of many Instagrammers as it will open more chances in the social community, bringing you more money, popularity, success in your career, and even important milestones in your life.

That is why the topic of how to increase engagement on Instagram is always on fire. We share all the tips here! Delve into them now!

What Is Engagement On Instagram?

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Engagement on Instagram means how the audience is interested and engages with your content.

It is not as simple as how many people follow you. Generally, any action the viewer takes on your profile or with your post will be counted as an engagement.

Below are some typical Instagram engagement indicators:

  • DMs
  • Comments
  • Swipe-ups
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Mentions
  • Sticker interactions
  • Saves
  • Link clicks
  • Hashtag usage

How Important Is Instagram Engagement? 

It goes without saying that Instagram engagement plays an important role in Instagram management. It shows how people care about your account, how effective your content is, and whether it satisfies your audience’s needs.

The more people interact with your post (in any form), the more engagement you have. As a result, it is a certificate that you are going in the right direction of producing customer-oriented content.

Besides, when your post has a good engagement metric, it is more likely that it will appear in the top feed of your followers or other potential audience (on the suggestion).

When your post is seen by more people, the more responses it receives.

How To Calculate Engagement On Instagram

The engagement rate gauges how many interactions your content receives compared to your follower or reach to the count. In layman’s terms, it displays the proportion of viewers interacting with your post.

It is up to the social media objectives. You can apply a few various approaches to achieve the ideal engagement rate. The engagement rate can be calculated by the posts, impressions, reach metrics, and the number of followers.

The formula to calculate the engagement rate is super plain. You need to divide the likes/comments number per post by the total number of followers/reach number/post impressions & multiply the result by 100.

Engagement rate = (Interactions (Comments/ Likes) / Audience) x 100.

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram 

Monitor Your Engagement On Instagram

The first job in increasing engagement on Instagram is to track your current Instagram metrics. Knowing your level will give you a bigger picture to set goals or develop content and achieve those planned numbers.

So, to know the insights, here is the process.

Method 1: Calculate by the formula we share with you above.

Method 2: Check Instagram engagement on the desktop version:

  • To see Instagram insights on your desktop, go to your page settings first.
  • Click Instagram.
  • Now connect Instagram to your Facebook page. You will see your Instagram account details.
  • After connecting your Instagram account, you can now see all your Instagram posts and click insights.

Method 3: Check Instagram engagement metric on Instagram App:

After logging in, you go to Profile, navigate to the Professional dashboard, and see Account insights.

Before investing more energy into the account, it’s critical to grasp these indicators to see where you’re at.

Putting Instagram SEO First

SEO stands the test of time. It is what people look for, so why not optimize Instagram content this way to reply exactly to what the audiences want?

Spending time to discover what keywords and questions your audience is asking and creating the content to cover all of them will expand your reach to more potential clients in the future when they search for them.

You can also apply SEO techniques to arrange these keywords throughout your profile to help search engines find them easily.

A small but mighty step will garner the best result that you are looking for!

Produce Worthwhile Content

Shares & saves are considered the most sought-after and valuable on Instagram. To get these, attractive and perfect content for your audiences’ taste is a must.

You need to make your audience eager for this type of content. They wait for it and want it to happen repeatedly. However, make it worth it without getting boring overtime.

No matter what content type you are about to use, Instagram marketing constantly demands tons of stunning images.

Some attention-grabbing content that will make Instagrammers stop at your post longer is:

  • The infographics which help you to deploy insightful facts or helpful tips.
  • Colorful graphs or charts which can represent data visually.
  • Eye-catching pictures that draw attention to particular facts.
  • Carousel posts where you can have more space to visualize your idea, using more words to express and get more clients to click in.

Become An Artistic Instagram Post Creator

Instagram is about visuals. People here love aesthetics. If you want to get their attention, you need to focus on that.

In a detailed manner, Instagram users desire stunning photos/ lively (art) videos for their feeds. They will be impressed with the one regularly providing top-notch visual material. Then, they are going to hit the follow button, hence increasing your engagement rate.

Make Relatable Memes

These memes are so relatable, witty, and creative that can touch any Instagram user’s hẻart. 2023 will be the heyday of memes. It will get the upper hand in comparison with other content forms.

Using the memes strategy is a wise move regardless of your business or niche. It pulls your fans closer to you, as your account looks more “human”. As a result, more likes, interactions, comments, and even follows are on the horizon.

The easiest way to create a new meme is to follow Google trends, and you will get massive traffic from the keywords that have the most sought-after searches.

Your engagement metrics will rise when someone likes, reposts, or shares the memes with friends. The more funny your post is, the more engagement you can get.

Create Shareable Graphics

Shareable graphics can be listed here as quotes, repurposed tweets, or just a meaning graphics. As long as they are moving quotes or aesthetically pleasing, you have a high chance of increasing engagement.

You will easily find them anywhere. Even better, you can screenshot a trendy tweet and add some captions.

This work is simple and fast-paced. That is why shareable graphics are the best fit for an engagement boost, even if your design skill is subpar.

Include Video Content

Videos, especially short ones, are the hottest content type right now.

Meta has encouraged creators to create Reels videos, so don’t let yourself fall behind. It is the open gate for you right now, and it is also one of the ideal times you can get massive engagement from all people, even when they are not your followers.

Interact With Your Instagram Fans

The simple way to have a better engagement rate is by interacting with people who comment on your post.

When anyone talks to you, it is good to listen to them and give a proper response. In fact, it is a good manner that the brand cares about the audiences.

For other not-yet-fans, they will be touched when they see you respect every comment.

You can also interact by liking/commenting on similar accounts with the same audience as you. That is how you can go closer to your potential client.

Add Hashtag & Location Tags

The next tip to boost your Instagram engagement rate is to use location tags and hashtags.

Hashtags anchor similar topics, so they make your content pop up when someone searches for those keywords.

Even better, in the future, your post can directly appear to the person who follows the hashtags too. And your post can also be displayed to people who have similar interests!

So, how to do it?

When posting, type # and your keyword, and you will get all the suggestions from Instagram. Choose the one that entails a high number of posts. A similar approach is applied to location tag choice. Unless you want to locate your store address, city tags are good to attract locals.

Include Calls To Action

Believe it or not, a call to action, also known as CTA, is still valuable today. A small reminder, say it nicely or strategically, and you can get a new interaction or response. It is like you are communicating with your audience. You ask them for a reply and wait for the answer.

Be creative with what you ask your audiences. You can start with a suggestion, ask them for an idea, etc.

Besides, remember to lead them to click on the bio link if you are promoting a service promotion program. Make a link short or direct; don’t make it complicated or look like a scam because it’s a double-edged knife. Content stuffed with links even pushes followers away. Therefore, be double careful when using them.

Hold A Competition/Giveaway

Free stuff has a massive attraction to anyone. It is also the best trick in operating Instagram to increase engagement. Make people thirsty, and you will be the winner. So, how to do so?

Identify the most-wanted product and service your clients want, then create a program that has the following requirements: tag or share to get the gift!

People will not hesitate to increase your engagement metrics if it is an attractive freebie. However, right now, many tools are too easy to manipulate the final results, so you are the one who decides who gets the giveaway and requires what legit account is legitimate to join your program.

It will limit cheating or fake account entries. These types of fake accounts will not be beneficial for your account at all. Excluding it from the get go will support you in the long term.

Use Surveys And Questionnaires To Solicit Opinions

In contrast to other posts, polls are simple to make with stickers. Additionally, it does not require much. Just come up with a brief inquiry; your clients would be pleased to answer.

Some types of polls that you might want to try are:

  • Favorites
  • Would-you-rathers
  • Preferences

Mention Others

Mentioning others is much cheaper than hiring KOLs. You can still get the crossing audience to benefit from them and boost the engagement rate.

In this case, you can post it in Stories, so the mentioned people can share it with their accounts.

You can partner with the delivery firm for some services or a brand you usually use. It is all up to the niche you are in.

Concentration On User-Generated Content

Encouraging your fans to create content and then share them on your main accounts is one of the best ways to push up Instagram engagement.

You can also allow followers to be involved more deeply in a brand they like. Concurrently, marketing expenses can be significantly cut down too. It kills two birds with one stone.

Users feel like they have more closeness to you because they feel heard.

Here are some ideas you can take away:

Ask them to take a picture of your product when they buy/use them, and you will spend on a “fans with us” category to honor these posts.

Ask your clients to tag you after completing your service. You want to follow every step of the client’s journey so that they feel warm every time.

Maximum Live, Reels, And Stories Features

With your business account, you can make the best out of video form by introducing your product or service in the Live feature or transferring video into animations or stories. These video forms will help cast your net wider since up to 90% of Instagrammers watch videos on this platform weekly.

Create Consistent, High-Quality Content

Ensuring consistency per post will mark a good impression on their minds.

They will remember your signatures or, for businesses, the brand filter, fonts, design style, color style, etc. These consistencies all make you stand out from the mass of posts on the feed.

Post During The Most Engaging Period Of The Day

Posting time is a crucial factor in increasing or decreasing the engagement rate.

You need to know when most of your audiences are online and active. That is the perfect time for them to see and react to your post.

The rule of thumb for choosing the prime time for Instagram posting is applying the trial method.

You should post at a different time of the day to discover the ideal time for your fans. You must try it for at least 3 months to see the patterns. Don’t forget to diversify content form to have better investment decisions in content type later on.

The shortcut here is to analyze your audience’s demographics, but it may involve assistance from a third-party agent.

Collaborate With Influencers To Boost Brand Authenticity

You can collaborate with KOLs to drive engagement on brand awareness.

The method is to ask KOLs or a famous partner to share a post/video or join in the video. Whatever fits your budget and plan, it is best if the post can appear in both your and the collaborator’s accounts. Then, you can approach 2 customer bases.

By following this tip, you can utilize each other’s audiences by sharing likes, views & comments. If you choose the right partner, you can get more loyal fans.

Engage Accounts That Are Similar To Yours

Another great way to boost engagement on Instagram is by interacting with similar accounts. It doesn’t make sense if you play by yourself when you join a social network.

Connecting with other accounts in the same industry makes Instagram understand more about you. You can adjust your customer base to the right customer avatar you want to attract.

You may have witnessed a lot of cross-posting among brands in 2022, and this trend will blossom in 2023. So, why stay behind?

Making Your Instagram Account Look Legit

Try as you might, if your profile looks like it sucks, no one will give you a follow or take more time to consider. You need to invest time to make yourself look good.

The circle shape is the standard format of an Instagram profile picture. Why not wisely design it as the Instagram request? Your brand or event logo will be displayed better than ever when it has the right parameter for the profile picture.

Instagram bios are limited to 150 characters. Therefore, don’t try too hard to put more keywords. Make it as simple but “luxury” as possible. If you want to put a link on the bio, a promotion link, gift link, or interesting info is highly recommended.


Why Is Your Instagram Engagement So Poor?

Because the content does not fit your audience’s taste, Instagram engagement is low. In this case, try different forms of content and focus more on video-based ones. Posting them in a different schedule also helps

Cover all the topics in your industry by investing in SEO so that you know what your customer is looking for the most. From that, your content will be more customer-oriented. The engagement rate will be much better.

Don’t hesitate to hire KOL in the right industry. It is a big support to level up the engagement metrics.

What On Instagram Drives The Greatest Engagement?

Carousel posts get the most engagement on Instagram. According to statistics, it can capture users’ interest with an average engagement rate of up to 0.62%.

That is why if you haven’t posted Carousel’s post, quickly add it to your plan this year. It is going to break a new record of engagement on your account.

Is Instagram Engagement Of 3% Good?

Yes. As long as your Instagram engagement rate lies between 1% to 5%, it is considered a good number.

What Time Of Day Should You Post On Instagram?

There is no cut-and-dried answer on the best time to post on Instagram. You must post strategically at all times of the day and week and choose the time that works best for your audiences when they are most active.

If your clients are office people, lunchtime and after working hours might be the best time to upload.

For those who are housewives, you’d better post late at night. Following the same logic, give it a try and choose the one for you.

Another note on this is that regardless of your customer, holidays are the days they are all at home or relaxed. So, on these days, making an exception is a smart move.

Is Engagement More Important Than Followers?

Yes. There is a chance that your followers are not real. As a result, they never actually interact with you. So, a better engagement rate will be much more important than the followers. It is the real followers who feel interested in your post. They are your prospects.

What Are The Greatest Instagram Hashtags?

#love is the top Instagram hashtag. It has 1.835B mentions on Instagram. Following that are #instagood and #fashion with 1.150B & 812.7M mentions, respectively.

You should always check the hashtag before adding it to your post to get better impressions and engagements.

Final Thoughts

Now you get all the ideas of how to increase engagement on Instagram. Applying all the tips strategy will give you an edge to overcome competitors and win your client’s heart.

There is no hard rule for achieving Instagram engagement success for any account, but patience and wisely using these tips from us are more likely to succeed.

Follow us to get more similar yet useful content in the future.

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