How To Build An Engaged Audience On Instagram

Most people that come to me for help regarding Instagram growth are facing the very same issue: their Instagram growth is stagnated, or even worse, they’re constantly losing followers.
The main reason for such is the fact that their audience isn’t active, isn’t interested.
See, your audience is the driving force of your page’s overall performance, as it’s your primary source of engagement and reach.
In this post, I’d like to elucidate you on several action steps that will allow you to build an engaged, enthusiastic audience on Instagram:
Reinvent your content output strategy
As content is the most important piece of the puzzle that is Instagram growth, you should always look to innovate your content output strategy, meaning that you may try different formats of publishing it and, with that, different content types that may resonate better or worse with your audience (according to reference experience).
This constitutes a pivotal part of Instagram master: the ability of adapting your content output strategy to what’s working the best.
For instance, if you’re just posting content in a video format, try mixing it with pictures, and vice-versa.
Also, make sure to stay updated about what’s best performing in the platform. These days, Reels are more and more suitable for any Instagram page’s overall performance, as it leverages a huge portion of the Explore Page.
Instagram’s algorithm favours, therefore, users who diversify their content output, as they are improving the likelihood of keeping their audience in the platform for a longer period, as well as to reach a wider audience via different sources.
The main point here is the following: If something’s not working well, you have to change it.
And it’s not uncommon for content to be the main cause of page under-performance and stagnation.
Engage with your audience more proactively
I’ll say it again: your page’s driving force is your audience. If it weren’t for them, your page wouldn’t exist, nor would the platform in the first place.
You should aim to create a true sense of community around your page, no matter the brand it represents or the niche it fits in, be it a personal or a reposting page.
That said, there is hardly any better way of increasing this sense of community than to frequently interact with your audience, by replying to their comments on your posts, as well as replying to their dm’s, if pertinent.
Not only will you effectively raise a sense of community around your page, namely by showing your audience that you count them in and that their engagement matters, but you will also maximize your page’s engagement levels, as your replies do have a catapulting effect on your posts’ performance.
Use Location Tags on every post
People usually disregard location tags, rather because they don’t know why they should use them, or simply because they don’t think it’s going to make a difference in regards to their posts’ performance.
What I have observed is that by leveraging a relatively high reach from “location”, you’ll be able to eventually leverage that extra engagement on your post, which plays a massive role towards its hashtag ranking.
You’re more likely to scale your reach from location by inserting a location tag that corresponds to a largely searched city, as well as very specific, yet popular places, such as popular tourist stops and certain events that attract a lot of attention from the masses.
The more features of Instagram you use, the better your page’s health score will be, and by constantly including location tags in your posts, Instagram’s algorithm will favour your post to rank higher in top location-tagged posts.
Use CTA’s (Calls To Action) in your posts
By doing this, you’re able to maximize the reach from a source called “other”, which escalates fast within the first hour after posting, making it the most powerful source in what regards hashtag reach maximization.
That said, using CTA’s on your posts shall encourage and invite your audience to perform certain actions that lead to the maximizing of your reach from “other”.
As I covered in past posts, “other” corresponds to reach from collection of subcategories in a post, such as when shared through direct messages, shared through stories and saved.
Thus, that’s the type of interaction that you want to privilege and entice on your posts through your CTA’s.
These can be anything from a more direct approach, such as “Tag 3 friends who need to see this” to a more subtle and smooth enticement “What are your thoughts?”. The most fundamental aspect to retain is that your CTA must invite your audience to manifest a certain (re)action that leads to “other” reach maximization.
The reach that you’re able to leverage from “other” is absolutely precious, and it’s highly retainable, so don’t miss out on it, as it makes a capital difference in posts’ performance, when it comes to its reach from this source, as well as hashtag ranking and explore page featuring.
Publish engaging Instagram stories
Go for 2-3 stories a day. That is completely enough and be creative and diverse with them.
Use Instagram’s features to maximize the engagement and the attractiveness and interactivity of your stories.
For instance, as you add CTA’s and Polls to your stories, you’re giving your audience the chance of participating and engaging with them, as opposed to if you just published a story and added a description of it.
Go for Quizzes, Yes or No Polls and “Ask Me Something” Polls, so that your engagement levels regarding your stories are enhanced. You should also ask your audience questions regarding your page, such as “Which type of content do you prefer me to post?”. This way, you show your audience that you care and that they’re a core part of your page (which they definitely should be).
To sum it up:
Your page’s growth stagnation isn’t the algorithm’s fault.
The moment you accept this fact, the more likely it is that you will start going for better results, as you out the responsibility in your own hands.
Your page’s growth stagnation is usually caused by:
  • A lack of content output diversity;
  • A lack of quality content;
  • A lack of a quality overall strategy;
  • A lack of a strategy that is coherent with your page’s nature;
  • A lack of interaction with your audience;
  • The incapability of adapting to Instagram’s algorithm;
  • A confusing or incongruent content delivery;
  • A confusing Instagram profile (from your username, to your logo, to your bio);
  • A deficient niche categorization.
I advise doing the exercise of addressing each of these bullet points and, if you’re honest with yourself, there may be at least one or two that aren’t being putting in practice rather competently enough, or that require more insistence.
Hope this was helpful! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!
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