How To Add Music To Instagram Post? Ways To Attract Attention

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks ranked by users. It’s understandable if you get lost in hundreds of thousands of different content, and your post is just a drop in the ocean. 

Learning how to add music to Instagram post can assist you in capturing other users’ attention.

There are various ways to support your posts with trendy songs within the app or third-party ones. Plus, you can get catchy music from many sources and make a standout story. Let’s dive in for more details! 

How To Add Music To Instagram Post

How To Add Music To Instagram Post? 

How To Add Music To Instagram Stories?

The Instagram music library is updated every day, so there is a long list of tunes you can choose from for your stories. Follow the detailed instruction below to get the process done:

Step 1. Open your Instagram profile, press the Plus button on the right corner of the screen, and select the Story option. 

Step 2. After selecting the picture or video that you want to upload, look at the top of your screen and find the Sticker icon.

Step 3. A list of stickers will appear. Choose the Music option.

Step 4. You’ll see suggested songs based on your consumed content. Select a suitable one from there, or type the name of the song you want on the Search bar. Hit the play icon to hear the tune before applying it. 

Step 5. A screen with a track prompt will be displayed. Feel free to use the slider to select the part you want to take up for your Stories, then click Done. 

Step 6. There is much more customization for your music video, such as how you want the track’s name and lyrics to be shown on different fronts.

Step 7. Select the Done button. Your post is ready to attract users. 

How To Add Music To Instagram Reels?

Do you want your Reels to rake in more views and become viral? Don’t miss out on the following steps

How To Add Music To Instagram Reels?

Step 1. Go to your profile, hit the Plus button on the top right corner, and tap the Reel option. Import your video from your camera library or record directly by your device.

Step 2. After recording/selecting the video, you’ll see a list of icons on the right side of your screen; hit the Audio one. 

Step 3. Trending tracks will show up. Press the play button to check if it’s the suitable tune you’re looking for. You also can search for your favorite one in the search bar by typing its name. 

Step 4. Once you decide which song to use, adjust the slider to select the part you want to add. Tap the Done button to move on.

Step 5. Click Next to preview your product.

Step 6. The Voiceover and Sound effects options are also available. Hit the Music icon at the top to add one.

Step 7. If you want to record your voice, choose the Voiceover option. You’ll see a red button in the middle; click it to start the process and Done when you finish.

Step 8. There will be Camera Audio, Track Audio, and Voiceover volume levels. Slide each column up and down to adjust the preferable level of each element you want to add. Click the Done button.

Step 9. You can keep editing if you wish by choosing Edit Clips on the bottom left or keep moving on with the Next button.

Step 10. It’s your choice to select a cover for your video from video frames or your camera roll. Write a caption, put a hashtag, and your Reel is ready.

How To Add Music To Instagram Video Posts/ Feed Videos?

Unlike Stories and Reels, where you can support them with different tracks by using the in-app editor tools, if you choose the in-app camera for recording and uploading videos, there’s no option to add soundtracks. 

Then, how can you do this task? Don’t worry! We’ll provide you with some third-party apps offering feature-rich video editors to add a tune to your video posts. 

However, before heading to that section, we’ll show you an “old” way people used to do before Instagram applied the music feature. 

Add Music To Instagram Reels

Step 1. Use your phone’s collection or music streaming apps to play the song you want to upload.

Step 2. Open your Instagram Story with the track playing in the background.

Step 3. Record the video as long as you want, as you don’t have the limit of 15 seconds with this method.

Step 4. Add other wanted elements to your video. When you’re satisfied, click Your Story on the bottom left corner of your screen. 

Step 5. Enjoy your filmed Story with a background track. 

How To Add Music To Instagram Post Using Third-party Apps?

Using Spotify

Spotify is a third-party app to help your video stand out with its useful feature. You can use it with Android and iOS devices; just ensure your Instagram is updated, and you’ll not face any errors while using the app.

Step 1. Open the Spotify app.

Step 2. Choose the track, playlist, or album you want to post.

Step 3. Click on the three dots next to the title of the song.

Step 4. Choose the share option, then go for Instagram Stories.

Step 5. Modify your video with the song preloaded from Spotify and enjoy. 

Using InShot

Another user-friendly video editing app to assist you with Instagram content is InShot. 

Step 1. Download and open the InShot app.

Step 2. Click the Video button and choose the video from the list.

Step 3. Look for the Music button on the bottom left corner, click on it, then tap the Track option.

Step 4. You can choose the track from the Featured or My Music options. Select the button where you want to select a song from. You’ll see a list; scroll down to check all the tracks. Select any song to preview or click Use to export it to your video. 

Step 5. For more modifications, such as timing, simply tap the Trackbar. A white marker will appear. You can use it to adjust the track starting and ending points.

As you move the white marker, tap in the Edit option if you want more customization such as volume, fade in and fade out time, etc.

Step 6. When you finish, hit the check mark, and the screen will return to the main editing screen. Choose Play to preview your work. 

Step 7. If you still want to make more changes, go back to two steps and modify them until you are satisfied. Click the check mark, then tap the Save button in the top right corner.

Step 8. Browse the resolution and frame rate you want. After selecting, a green check mark confirms your file is saved. Press on the Instagram icon to post it directly to the network. 

Using Tiktok

Tiktok is a video-sharing platform that provides a massive library of licensed songs. You can create a Tiktok video with background songs and share it on your Instagram by following the instruction below:

Step 1. Open your Tiktok and hit the Plus button at the bottom. 

Step 2. Select the Sound button and look for the song you need. 

Step 3. Once you choose the song, tap the red check mark. 

Step 4. Start filming your video by hitting the Record button. Press the check mark when you’ve done. 

Step 5. Add other effects to your product, such as text or filter. Select Next to continue after editing.

Step 6. Add a caption and publish the video by hitting the Post button.

Step 7. Open your newly uploaded product, select Share, choose Instagram, press Feed, and your post is published. 

Using Add Background Music To Video

Add background music to a video is a helpful app that is compatible with any library of your downloaded MP3 and free of charge. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Open the app and press Start.

Step 2. Choose the video to upload and press Next. 

Step 3. Name the project and choose the Select square ratio. 

Step 4. Look for the Create button on the top right corner and click on it 

Step 5. Hit the Music button at the bottom, select a free tune, or import your song.

Step 6. Customize your file, and trim it down to shorter than 60 seconds. 

Step 7. Press Share, choose a preferable resolution, and save it to your device.

Step 8. Open your Instagram, click Plus, choose Post and upload your work like usual. 

Using Tempo

Tempo includes a free library of licensed tracks and customizing tools. Let’s learn how to  use this free video editing app. 

Step 1. Open the Tempo app and select the Video button.

Step 2. Choose the clip you want to upload and click the orange check mark.

Step 3. Hit the Music button at the bottom to open the song library.

Step 4. Browse the song you like and tap Use.

Step 5. Edit or trim the audio to less than 60 seconds.

Step 6. Press save and choose the file’s size.

Step 7. Share to Instagram by pressing its icon, selecting Open, then Post, and you’ll have a feed with melody on your social platform.

Where To Get Music For Your Instagram Post? 

Instagram’s Library

The music library provided by Instagram is free and quite easy to use. As mentioned above, you can choose any song from its large selection to play in your content.

There’s one minus of this source of tracks. The restriction of 15 seconds makes it unusable in regular posts, somehow creating constraints while posting. 

Audio Jungle

Drawing your audience by applying handpicked songs from Audio Jungle is a good idea. The app has a vast audio collection of more than 170,000 tracks and sounds. 

Choose any of those songs suitable for your budget and meet your requirements. All costs from $1 and above.

Besides, track kits, effects, and source files are available to access. 


Give Soundstripe a try to produce more viral videos. The app owns more than 6000 royalty-free tracks and 70000 stock video clips. 

The list of tracks is updated weekly, and its advanced filter function can help you choose the right one for yourself.

In addition, the direct integration with Twitch and Adobe Premiere Pro renders no limitation while perfecting your content across the platforms. The price for Soundstripe is $12.5/ month and $149/ year.

Soundtracks By Loudly

Soundtracks by Loudly not only give you access to royalty-free music but also allow you to create your tailor-made sound. The AI-assisted tool makes it possible to create your own track within five minutes. 

Loudly provides a free trial or requires $11/month if you pay monthly and $9.99/ month if you pay yearly.

Another versatile platform to source soundtracks is It features audio for commercials, weddings, presentations, cinemas, etc. You can search by different filters, such as genre, mood, instrument types, and much more. 

Popular tracks of the week will be collected in one list and published, so you can easily catch up with the trend. The tool offers a free trial, then $16.60 per month and $199 per year.

Mix Kit

If free songs, sound effects, and video templates are what you are looking for, you should not miss Mix Kit. It’s a free and easy source that gives you access to the audio works of several best creators in the world.

You don’t need to sign up or pay any penny to download the tracks for your video. New tunes are there every week. is a platform where you can find free tunes with just some simple steps. The iconic Creative Commons music community grants you access to easy track searching by selecting the curators, genres, or charts options. 

After choosing one of the options in the scroll down, a bunch of tracks will appear on your screen. Hesitate no more but simply click download the one for your choice.


Visit Bensound for free and premium songs for your Instagram. You can use their licensing option for your videos on any platform if you credit them in the description. You can also subscribe for a reasonable pricing plan.

YouTube’s Audio Library

youtube music

YouTube’s library of royalty-free music has a limited collection, but it’s still useful in some cases. You just need to go to your YouTube account, find the YouTube Studio button on your profile and click on it. 

Choose the Music icon on the left corner. There will be a list of free tracks and sound effects that you can access and download for your videos.

Invideo’s Audio Library

Invideo is where you can find the best background song for your posts. It’s a hassle-free and easy-access platform for all users.

Besides the royalty-free music tracks, the tool provides more than 5000 video templates so that you can do full pack customization within an app. 


Did Instagram Take Away Music?

Let’s say you are an Instagram lover, and one day you wake up and see all the popular songs disappear. The music is taken away, yet weird songs you’ve never heard before are left. 

It happens quite often to users. This error is assumed to stem from a bug. Updating your app is a way to address the problem. 

Why Can’t I See The Music Sticker On Instagram?

While adding music to your Instagram posts, you may wonder why your music sticker disappears. It means the option is unavailable, and you can’t add a tune to your content. 

ClearVPN may help. It has a shortcut that can unlock the adding song feature. Press it, open Instagram, and start uploading your Story. 

Why Is Music Not Available On Instagram?

It can be due to several reasons. First, you should check if you have the newest version of Instagram. If not, update it.

Next, check your type of account. Business accounts may not have access to certain songs. Make sure you change it to a regular account.

Also, Instagram tracks may not be available in your region but will be in the future. So, again, always keeping your Instagram update is a solution. 

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter what your primary purpose for having an account is. The methods of how to add music to Instagram post play an important role in keeping the audiences engaged in your visual content. 

Look for beautiful songs from all the above sources to enhance your post and grab other users’ attention. You will compel viewers to be addicted to your Stories, Reels, and video feeds more and more. 

If you are on a quest for ways to get more followers on Instagram, we are here to help with other tips besides adding musing.

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