How Many Instagram Followers To Make Money? Here Is The Answer

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Instagram is currently one of the most popular media platforms, helping you unwind after an exhausting day and generating a great income source. Yet how many Instagram followers to make money? Let’s find the answer in the following sections.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Instagram?

The exact numbers are hard to pinpoint, as companies, brands, and celebrities do not reveal much about their income. But they can fall in the range of between 901 and 1,604,000 dollars.

Besides, numerous factors should be considered carefully, such as account niche, audience size, posts’ quality, or advertising. Below are some instances that famous people have reported their earnings from Instagram:

  • About 901 dollars: This is the average amount an Instagram influencer with between 1000 and 10000 followers can earn per post.
  • 1000 to 1,500 dollars: This is the money that brands will likely pay for their product advertisement on Instagram celebrities’ stories, according to the CEO of Bullish Studio.
  • Roughly 983,000 dollars: This massive amount is what Kylie Jenner will receive after posting sponsored or advertising content on her Instagram account.
  • Approximately 1,604,000 dollars: Each Ronaldo’s post is worth this impressive amount.

In 2021, the Hype Auditor surveyed nearly 2000 influencers working on Instagram and published the statistics as follows:

  • The average income that an Instagram celebrity generates is 2,970 dollars, but this figure is not consistent and varies greatly between the highs and lows.
  • A micro-influencer can make 1,420 dollars while the total money that a mega-influencer earns could reach up to 15,356 dollars monthly.

Money Can You Earn From Instagram

How Many Instagram Followers To Make Money?

The answer is no strict minimum, but you should amass at least 1000 followers. To put it simply, you could make money on this social platform regardless of your follower size.

More specifically, a brand focuses on not only your number of followers but also other factors, such as engagement rate, content quality, etc.

This is because when they look for collaborative influencers or ambassadors, they always want their marketing budget to be efficiently used.

Accordingly, they would like to choose a less popular Instagram celebrity in many situations. Still, her audience is engaged to boost their product awareness, followed by increased sales from these potential customers.

What Are The Factors Deciding Your Income Ratings From Instagram?

Below are the three most important factors that you should pay attention to:

Engagement Rate Is Vital

The key to becoming a successful Instagram influencer lies in your engagement rate. This is indicative of the number of likes, comments, and shares in each post. In other words, it denotes the audience’s support towards your Instagram account.

Try to think that if you were in the brands’ shoes, would you like to choose a less famous KOL (key opinion leader), yet her viewers are fervently supportive, or a celebrity with hundreds of followers, but only a few interact with her posts. You will definitely select the former to collaborate with, right?

Through this instance, we hope you could launch an effective method of developing your Instagram account instead of concentrating on your follower count.

Don’t Take Your Niche For Granted

You can also make lots of money in a particular niche you delight in, like health, fitness, travel, fashion, business or beauty, etc.

After determining which niche you are interested in, you then search for a suitable brand to cooperate with. As a newcomer, your fame and recognition rate are not very great, so you should choose some small-scale companies as a stepping stone to your career.

Some niches are too specific, for example, hamburgers or skincare in place of food and beauty that don’t require you to have large followers to start a sponsored post.

Don’t Limit Yourself To Sponsored Posts

It is possible to diversify your income via numerous money making formulas on Instagram, such as affiliate links or promo codes, etc., that are of great convenience and flexibility.

If you use affiliate marketing, you could earn a great amount of commission via product links or codes in a passive manner besides generating your earnings from sponsored posts. And, of course, your income will definitely be enhanced.

Don't Limit Yourself To Sponsored Posts

How Can You Make Money On Instagram As A Business?

Following are eight ways that help you increase your business revenue on Instagram.

Promote Special Offers

Over the past few years, online shopping has gained widespread popularity. Instagram is a perfect site that many people visit to buy items, such as clothes, cosmetics, etc., that suit their needs.

Of course, every shopper loves purchasing cheap or reasonably priced ones. Offering sales is a viable method that helps enhance companies’ revenue to a great extent.

This marketing strategy heightens the brand identity as well. Case in point, when you launch a promotional program that states getting a free item after buying one unless users have to tag their friends on the post. Your brand awareness will be improved considerably.

Set Up Countdowns To New Launches

Humankind is curious by nature, so launching countdowns as a sneak peek of new products or collections may be a wonderful idea. You can post a short video or Instagram reel about this upcoming release, which entails enough information about that product, opening time, etc.

Customers, especially loyal ones, will likely wait or at least get a notification about this special event. This media hype is quite familiar, but its effectiveness cannot be denied by attracting shoppers’ attention and evoking their curiosity about the newly released items.

Launch An Instagram Shop

As we have mentioned earlier, online shopping has become more popular, so combining both online and traditional concepts is wiser to maximize total earnings.

Indeed, when you set up a shop on Instagram, you are more inclined to access potential purchasers since roughly 93% of regular Internet surfers reach social media.

If you only open a store in your area, the customer target will narrow down a lot. Alternatively, when you also work on social platforms like Instagram, this group will expand more, regardless of age and nationality.

Instagram Online Shop

Schedule Shoppable Posts With The Help Of Hootsuite

Thanks to this functional website, you can keep your Instagram shop under control more efficiently by creating, scheduling, or auto-publishing posts, photos, videos, or reels without a hitch.

Below is an all-inclusive tutorial that helps you create a post and tag shoppable items on it:

  • Step 1: Open your computer and access your Instagram shop account.
  • Step 2: Enable the Hootsuite dashboard and search for the “Composer” field.
  • Step 3: Click on the business profile of your shop that lies under the “Publish to” button.
  • Step 4: Prepare for a post by uploading an image coupled with a clear caption.
  • Step 5: Afterward, notice the “Preview” section on the right corner of the interface and choose “Tag Products.”
  • Step 6: Select the “Post now” button. You can tap on the “Schedule” to arrange a specific time for your post. Good luck!

However, this formula applied to the practice of image or video posting may be quite different, as shown in the fourth step.

  • Images: In the fourth step, you are required to choose a spot on your photo. Subsequently, you must browse and select one of your product catalog’s items. Then, repeat this process for up to 5 tags before clicking on the “Done” button to finish.
  • Videos: After completing the third step, a catalog search will pop up immediately. All you have to do next is to search and tag all of the desired products in this video.

Activate The Chatbot Feature

The chatbot will be the first name concerning the excellent feature on Instagram. With its help, customers will receive fast and reliable answers that are previously programmed, especially inquiries about the product size, availability, etc.

If the question seems difficult and cannot be replied to by AI technology, a live member will answer instead. A chatbot also recommends other products within the chat, thereby enhancing streamlined sales.

Collaborate With Creators

Nowadays, influencer marketing is no stranger to Internet users, as we can easily come across a sponsored post uploaded by our favorite celebrity. The brand, in turn, reaps profits from this sponsorship.

From the perspective of Instagram shops, some notes should be contemplated. On top of that, you must carefully consider the value a potentially collaborative celebrity brings to your company.

In other words, his or her content must be suitable for the brand image. If the answer is no, the partnership is hard to maintain in the long run. Even worse, the core value and reputation that your brand has poured great efforts into building up goes down the drain as well.

Collaborate With Other Companies Or Brands

The notion of partnering with other brands or corporations is brilliant. For instance, a F&B brand partners with a shipping company to satisfy an increasing need for takeaway. This practice yields several benefits, such as raising the revenues of both companies.

Two exceptional cases are @chosenfoods and @barebonesbroth. They open a giveaway together, requiring each entrant to like, share pages of two brands, and tag at least three friends in the comment section. Thanks to this collaboration, both tap into a new consumer base and wait for them to be converted into loyal customers.

Collaborate With Other Companies Or Brands

Launch Straight-up Advertisements

This approach still proves its great efficiency, especially to newcomers. All you need to do is pay a sum for the Instagram marketing system, and your post will be publicized and reach other accounts.

Moreover, technology will automatically present a comprehensive picture and analyze the advertising progress and its impact on the sales figures.

How Can You Make Money On Instagram As A Content Creator?

Outlined as follows are helpful tips that help you make more money from this social medium:

Partner With Brands

Various Instagram celebrities rely on this method to make their living. You search for a brand whose products are suitable for your career aspect, or you simply delight in it to cooperate and advertise them on your social media.

This partnership presents under many forms. Generally, you get paid for an Instagram post about the brand product, including its design, functions, etc. You could even post on your story as well, but the money seems to be lower, as that story will end after 24 hours.

Various advantages are enumerated, namely free items and a huge commission. Yet, it is a double-edged sword, as you can lose numerous supporters when posting inappropriate content or they do not align with the core value of your account.

Use The Affiliate Marketing

This concept is newly born but well received by several companies and influencers. It is quite straightforward, as you only need to insert links and codes that lead to the main page of your collaborative brand. If a product is successfully sold, you will consequently get a commission.

The affiliate program you decide to join should be suited to the creators’ image and value. Nobody wants to purchase an automotive component via the link or discount code marketed by a nail artist, right?

Enable Livestream Badges

Live-streaming is also a common approach that many Instagram creators use to earn money from the application. Viewers can express their genuine support during a live video by sending gifts or buying the badges, at between 0.99 and 4.99 dollars.

If you want to turn on this feature, follow our steps:

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram account.
  • Step 2: Visit the “Profile” section.
  • Step 3: Go to the “Professional Dashboard” field.
  • Step 4: Send an activation request for the monetization function.
  • Step 5: Once Instagram approves you, you will notice a “Set Up Badges” button. Tap on it instantly.

It is advisable to inform your followers of that monetization when you first appear on the Badges Livestream. Therefore, they would like to display their support with money as they wish. Don’t forget to show your gratitude in the end.

Livestream instagram

Open Your Own Shop

With the explosion of online shopping, setting up a shop on Instagram seems not to be unreal. A former reputation or a loyal fan base is the cherry on top for your start-up’s development.

A striking benefit is that you can gain various access to potential customers through affiliate marketing, influencer public relations, etc., which brings you more financial merits than conventional advertising does.

Nonetheless, challenges are greater. You have to prepare meticulous planning before knuckling down to open your shop on Instagram. Which marketing strategy fits your shop’s value? This is the first question to answer.

You also need to balance the budget by dividing your total money into various aspects, such as KOL booking money, cost of inputs, etc. It goes without saying that you must land on a harrowing journey before reaping the fruits of your business on this social platform.

Make A Link To Your Blog Or Vlog

Under some circumstances, when you already have your blog or youtube channel, use Instagram as a marketing tool to boost awareness by directing followers to these external sites. Hence, you could sell more advertising space on your blog or make more money from Youtube.

If you find it hard to understand, here are some simple cases:

  • As a foodie working on Instagram, you can heighten your blog’s identity by introducing a link to it. You, in turn, sell recipes or receive advertising contracts on your blog.
  • Content creators could introduce a short version of their full Youtube video under the Instagram reel format. Then, create a link leading to it and gain money from the advertising on Youtube.
  • Outdoor adventurers post picturesque landscapes on their Instagram accounts and link to their blogs where all images and information about the road trip are entailed.
  • Freelance illustrators upload banners or leaflets they have attempted to design on Instagram and link to their own website where they sell all these products.

Offer Paid Tutorials Or Masterclasses

This method is quite the same as your blog or vlog link directing, but followers must pay a sum of money to use the service that you have provided.

Suppose you are excellent in one field, such as fitness or language tutoring. In that case, you can open masterclasses and advertise them on Instagram by posting posts about workouts or advanced vocabulary for free. Afterward, insert a link to these classes.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, after this article, you will grasp enough details about how many Instagram followers to make money. If you have questions, please leave your comments below or contact our website for quick assistance.

In case you want to explore more related facets like how to get more followers on Instagram, follow our website for further info. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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