Case Study: How I’ve Grown 42k Followers In A Month

In this post, I would like to provide value regarding the most effective method that I have been using in order to drastically grow my clients’ Instagram following base.


That method consists in Instagram ads.

Here’s what you need to know about these:

  • They are created and managed through Facebook Business Manager;
  • They allow you to segment your audience in terms of Geographic Location;
  • They allow you to segment your audience in terms of Age Range;
  • They allow you to segment your audience in terms of Gender;
  • They allow you to segment your audience in terms of Interests;
  • They allow you to segment your audience in terms of Behaviors;
  • They allow you to segment your audience in terms of Language Display.

That being said they are, by far, the best asset for targeted follower-gain, as unlike any other option, they offer an incredibly accurate, specific and, at the same time, wide range of segmenting options, which are essential towards having your ideally selected audience locking eyes with your ad and responding positively to your CTA.

In order to effectively perform story ads, there are 3 essential elements:

Knowing exactly what your target audience looks like

If you want to become a brand ambassador, it’s mandatory that you know exactly what audience-type you want to lock eyes with your ad and, consequently, with your page and what it has to offer.

Knowing what your ideal audience-type is, definitely consists in the very first step towards an efficient targeting, as you will have a deeper understanding of who should see your ad, so that no ad spend budget goes to waste.

Knowing where your target audience’s attention is at

This is what also separates a well performing ad and a waste of money type of ad.

Social Media Marketing is a business in which communication plays a pivotal role. That said, it is fundamental to know how to position your ad and how to speak your brand through it (and through your page, obviously).

Following this thought process, it is mandatory to know where your ideal audience’s eyes are most likely and actively at.

From here, you adapt your ad to it by setting the placements to manual (as automatic placements are, by default, the option that Facebook business manager provides you with) and select the placement that is more coherent with your ad format and your audience.

Knowing how to captivate your audience

Following point number 2, it’s essential to create an attractive ad that is likely to make the most out of your audience’s attention span, as the most natural behaviour that is will have is to slide through your ad 2 seconds after they see that it is an ad.

People’s attention span is extremely short, and they usually are not on Instagram to be sold or to sign up for any specific cause. They are most likely there to see their friends and what they are up to, or just to have a laugh.

That is where good creatives come in handy. If you know how to set your ad in a way that counters this behaviour, you’re maximizing the chance of maximizing link clicks and, consequently, page visits, which leaves your audience one click away from following your page.

Elevate the bar for your ad’s graphics and lower the bar for text

According to research carried out by Missouri University, it takes only 2.6 seconds for a person’s eye to decide where it’s going to focus on a particular online page. So, if your ad campaign is going to be successful, you’re going to need some strong, high-quality visuals that grab your audience’s attention quickly.

When it comes to Instagram story ads, they are not an exception to the rule – keep your text to a minimum.

Let your picture or video do most of the talking, as it must be attractive and compelling enough to lock your audience’s eyes for more than those 2-3 seconds.

What has been working the best for me is to simply add a question and a CTA, while adding a 5-6 second video that’s not static, but dynamic and aesthetically pleasing.

Make sure your strategy within your page is on point

This is an absolutely key point.

It’s as straightforward as this: If your content doesn’t provide any sort of value or interest, or if your page’s layout and overall aspect isn’t suitable for your audience, you won’t leverage drastic results and you will be making your ad spend budget go to waste.

Therefore, no matter how well set your ad campaigns are, if your strategy within your page isn’t on point, then address that first, and then run ads, otherwise it will just be counterproductive.

Ask yourself the following questions: If I were my audience, why would I follow my page? (Put yourself in their position). If your answer is truthfully convincing enough, then you’re good to go.

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