A Honest Truth About Instagram Growth

Many people still see Instagram growth as this linear process of posting content that looks cool to them, plus using good hashtags.

This vision of Instagram growth rises a set of unrealistic expectations, which often leads to people quitting their goal of becoming influencers, brand ambassadors or building their brand on Instagram.

That said, here are several common assumptions that are erroneous and recurring in this strand:

The moment you hire a social media manager, you will leverage massive results overnight.

Instagram growth is a methodical process that takes time. It’s not uncommon that people’s expectations don’t correspond to the reality of what social media marketing is all about, and Instagram growth is no exception to the rule.

This process implies a deep understanding of your page or brand’s current situation and goals, as well as who your target audience is, and building a solid strategy that revolves around getting that audience to lock eyes with your page as often and as effectively as possible, so that this eye lock transits into growth.

The development of an effective strategy takes its time. It is the social media manager’s job to put it in place competently, and to make sure that the clients’ expectations are congruent with the results that one can provide.

There’s always a magic pill for Instagram growth

If you want to build a solid following base on Instagram, you should always aim for a targeted audience and you must be patient.

As Gary Vee often says, patience is a huge piece of the puzzle and it’s a big part of what’s missing in terms of perspective for Instagram growth.

So, here’s the harsh, yet obvious truth, when you decide to look at Instagram growth the right way – the way it is – there’s no shortcut or magic pill.

It will always involve time and money to grow your online presence on any platform if you’re willing to make something great out of it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was anything worth building.

No matter what I do, it’s impossible to grow on Instagram nowadays

People often associate their lack of growth on Instagram to the algorithm.

I understand why, as it’s factual that it’s becoming harder and harder to grow on Instagram, as organic reach is more and more limited.

Although, it’s the same as blaming a low wage on the government, if taxes are enhanced.

It does suck, although there’s always a way of not being as trapped and depended on your taxes… make more money. It’s not that easy, I know. Although, even if that means creating a side hustle or saving up on superficial things that you don’t actually need, there’s always a way if you’re not in a disastrous position.

Same applies to Instagram growth, in a sense. As Instagram’s “government” – its algorithm – limits your organic reach more aggressively, you can do one of three things:

  • Move to another “country” (platform) that has a “government” (algorithm) that allows a more organic reach, such as TikTok and LinkedIn.
  • Complain and give up because you’re not willing to invest in the growth of your page.
  • Acknowledge the situation and adapt by improving your strategy.

I took action by going with number 3 and I’m getting better results than ever for my clients, through refining their pages’ strategies and applying Instagram story ads, which is, by far, the most powerful method for targeted and fast growth that’s out there, when applied effectively. (I’ve made a post about these a few days ago).

If I can do it, you can do it too. The theory is out there and practice makes perfect.

The Secret 99% Of People Don’t Know About Instagram Growth

Most people are familiar with a source of reach called “other” on Instagram. What they don’t know is what that means, or rather where this other reach comes from.

In fact, “other” is one of the 4 sources of what I like to call “external reach”. Allow me to explain:

First and foremost, what I mean by external reach is every form of reach that is obtained from visits of pages that weren’t following you or that were not familiar with it.

It consists in forms of engagement such as saves, shares to story, people tagging each other in your post, etc.

The reach that comes from “other” is highly convertible to followers, meaning that it is healthy for you to leverage high reach levels from this source.

In order for you to optimize the reach from “other”, set up your content and its delivery in a way that privileges the type of interactions specified in point number 3, namely people tagging each other or sharing your content with their friends, for instance.

As a practical example, insert a CTA (Call To Action) in your posts’ caption that invites / encourages people to tag their friends / siblings / parents / significant others, etc. or for them to share your post on their story.

Do a market research or content research and see what type of posts do better in terms of leveraging reach and engagement from this source, as it easily converts to new followers, given its engaging nature, by its sense of community, which is an asset that almost every huge page has.

Maximize your reach from “other” by applying a powerful set of hashtags that are relevant to your niche, to your post, specifically, and its theme.

5 Absolute Ways To Increase Your Instagram Growth Today

These are some of the most effective ways of radically stepping up your game when it comes to Instagram growth, regardless of the stage your page is in:

Refine your page’s profile

Your page’s profile is the first thing that everyone will see.

If it’s confusing or unattractive, the likelihood of your page visitors turning into new followers is drastically lower than if you have a good looking logo in place and a bio that is succinct and that fully resonates with your niche and that clearly portrays what your audience can expect if they follow you.

Engage and connect with your audience

If you don’t engage with your audience on a daily basis, you’re missing out on that extra engagement that will play a major role towards your page’s growth, by replying to their comments and dm’s, which also enhances your page’s health score.

By engaging with your audience, you will also deepen your connection on a mutual level, which helps you form a sense of community around your page, being an essential part of Instagram growth.

Use Instagram’s features in your favor

Can’t stress the importance of this enough.

If you’re not using Instagram’s featured every day, you’re missing out on that extra reach and engagement that will have a massive effect on your page’s performance on the mid to long run.

You’re also wasting the opportunity of enhancing your page’s health score, as Instagram benefits pages that use their features to the max, such as:

  • Location Tags
  • User Tags
  • Hashtags
  • Polls

Incite your audience to turn on post notifications

You can rather do this by adding a CTA in that sense on your posts or on your stories.

By doing so, your current followers will be able to get a notification every time you post, which will consequently increase your reach and engagement from “Home”, leading to higher initial engagement levels, which are absolutely fundamental when it comes to your post’s ranking on hashtags and featuring in the explore page.

Deepen your connection with your audience through Instagram stories

Count your audience in – let them engage and interact with your stories.

Not only will they appreciate the fact that you’re making room for them to interact with your page, but you’ll also increase your engagement levels, which will result in a drastic improvement in your page’s overall performance.

Be creative and use different types of polls, such as YES | NO polls; Quizzes; Question, etc.

Also, use your stories as the background of your page, as your feed should be the place in which you should showcase highlights, as the “face” of your page, and your stories should serve as the “behind the scenes”, less perfected content that doesn’t have a place in the “spotlight”.

Hope this was helpful! Feel free to leave any comments below if you have any questions!

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